Activities : Pallimangal (Integrated Rural Development) : 2014-15

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The activities under Pallimangal (Integrated Rural Development, a project initiated in 1980 by the Headquarters) continued in the villages in and around Kamarpukur and Jayrambati in West Bengal. The major service programmes conducted under this project during the year are given below.

  • (A) Medical Activities: (a) 6,900 patients were treated by the mobile medical unit. Special medical programmes and camps, and health care and awareness programmes were conducted at Kamarpukur, benefiting several thousand villagers. (b) Under National Leprosy Elimination Programme, 28 persons were given treatment. (c) A programme on Control of Tuberculosis through Community Based Directly Observed Treatment with Short-Course-Therapy (DOTS) under Revised National Tuberculosis Control Programme (RNTCP) continued, under which 63 cases were treated during the year. (d) Nutritious diet was provided to 150 children under Child Nutrition Programme.
  • (B) Educational and Cultural Activities: (a) 23 non-formal education centres and 34 free coaching centres benefited 2045 students. (b) A number of students were given textbooks, uniforms, etc. Scholarships and financial assistance were given to a good number of students. (c) Cultural programmes, competitions in sports and games, etc were organized.
  • (C) Training Programmes: 8 poor men and 174 destitute women were trained in weaving, jute-spinning, jute handicraft, dhoop-making, food-processing and tailoring. Besides, 29 boys and 15 girls were trained in basic computer operations.

The statistics relating to the institutions furnished in this section form part of the figures already mentioned under ‘Welfare Work’, ‘Medical Services’ and ‘Educational Services’.

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Patil Bhushan Prabhakar
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Aum Ramakrishna,

Revered Maharaj,
Can the products of the Pallimangal program be ordered online or on phone and delivery 📦 arranged to Jalgaon, Maharashtra. The payment including delivery can be made to a pallimangal bank account.

Jai Maa

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