Activities : Relief Services : 2015-16

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Relief Work: The Mission and Math conducted several relief and rehabilitation operations during the year 2015-16. The total expenditure incurred on these was Rs. 36.78 crore (Rs. 36.67 crore in cash, and Rs. 0.11 crore in kind). Details of the operations are given below.

  1. Primary Relief:


A sum of Rs. 33.43 crore (Rs. 33.32 crore in cash and Rs.0.11 crore in kind) was spent on primary relief operations to help 7,28,267 people of 2,21,437 families in 3499 villages.


Rehabilitation Work:

  1. A multipurpose building was constructed by Visakhapatnam centre at Valabu village of Devarapalli Mandal in Andhra Pradesh.
  2. Coimbatore Math distributed various building materials to 8 poor families in Thiruvallur district.
  3. A 3-storey girls’ hostel building and a 3-storey postgraduate block were built on the A.P. Bahuguna Govt. PG College campus in Agastyamuni, Uttarakhand, by the Headquarters, through Dehradun
  4. Antpur centre distributed 106 sets of weaving accessories and 16 rickshaw vans.
  5. Rahara centre distributed 3 cycle-rickshaws and 1 rickshaw van.
  6. Mymensingh (Bangladesh) centre distributed 6 milch cows.
  7. Kathmandu (Nepal) centre distributed 5000 bamboos under ‘Build Your Own House’ scheme to 82 families.
  8. The following centres distributed sewing machines to the poor and needy. (Number of machines distributed by each centre is shown against its name): Antpur – 91, Chandipur – 18, Jammu – 10, Khetri – 84, Rahara – 2.

A sum of Rs. 3.35 crore was spent on these rehabilitation projects during the year 2015-16.

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Smarajit Kumar Biswas
September 25, 2017 Reply

Requesting more active performance in west Bengal.
Can’t the Mission adopt a few villages in Lodha areas in W. B. for all round development? Particularly Lodha Tribal Community is mentioned because they have been stamped as a ‘Criminal’ community.

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