Book Release “Letters of Sister Nivedita” (2nd Edn)

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On the occasion of the forthcoming 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita, our Advaita Ashrama released a new revised & enlarged edition of the Letters of Sister Nivedita in 2 volumes. The first copy of this monumental edition has been received by Most Revered President Maharaj, Swami Smarananandaji, at Belur Math on 15th September 2017.

Sister Nivedita (1867—1911), an illustrious disciple of Swami Vivekananda, was a champion of Indian education and Indian Nationalism in the beginning of the twentieth century. Indian History would be incomplete without taking into account the contribution of Sister Nivedita in rejuvenating the people by her lectures and writings as envisioned by Swami Vivekananda.

The maximum number of Nivedita’s letters were written to Miss Josephine Macleod and Mrs. Ole Bull, American friends of Swami Vivekananda, who helped and supported Sister Nivedita right from her arrival in India till her passing away. These letters were lovingly preserved by Ms. Macleod and later on handed over to Ms. Lizelle Reymond, who wrote the first biography of Nivedita titled ‘The Dedicated’. Reymond came in contact with Sri Anirvan, a scholar of Indian Philosophy, and passed on Nivedita’s letters to him for preservation. Prof. Sankari Prasad Basu, the renowned scholar & researcher of Vivekananda literature, happened to meet Sri Anirvan in the course of his enquiry regarding Sister Nivedita. Sri Anirvan, finding Prof. Basu to be the right person to value his precious treasure, handed over the letters to him with the only condition that he should publish them. Prof. Basu painstakingly researched and deciphered the handwritten letters, and collected many more letters from various sources and published them for the first time in 1982 from Nababharat Publishers, Kolkata. Before his passing away Prof. Basu handed over the original letters along with more unpublished letters to Belur Math, and the responsibility to bring out the second enlarged edition came on Advaita Ashrama, the publication house of Ramakrishna Math, Belur Math.

These letters are a priceless source material not only for historians and educationists but for all the ardent devotees, followers and admirers of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda movement.

Some special features of this new second edition :

  • 85 new letters of Sister Nivedita added to the new edition.
  • Some letters incomplete in the first edition have been fully restored.
  • 33 new letters added in the appendix, either received by Sister Nivedita or written about her.
  • Name, Place & Subjective Index.
  • An exhaustive ‘Introduction’ to the Letters by Sri Somenath Mukherjee, an associate of Prof. Basu
  • Short Biographical Sketches of Addressees & distinguished persons in the letters

Publication information :

Title : Letters of Sister Nivedita
Total no. of Letters : 886, language : English
Additional Letters in Appendix : 123
Collected & Edited by the late Prof. Sankari Prasad Basu
Originally published in 1982 by Nababharat Publishers, Calcutta
Edition : Second Revised & Enlarged Edition
Hard Bound : 2 Vols. Set (Total no. of pages : 1338)
Volume I : Letters 1897—1904 : Pages—685
Volume Il : Letters 1905—1911 : Pages—653
Publisher : Advaita Ashrama
5, Dehi Entally Road, Kolkata—700014, India.
Email[email protected]
ISBN : 978-81-7505-463-9 (Set)
Price : Rs. 800/- (2 vols. set)



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September 17, 2017 Reply


Dr. Dipak Kumar Mal
September 16, 2017 Reply

Gurudev, apner “Letters of Sister Nivedita” prakaser madhyame new generation er sata sata vakter gyan chok unmukto habe. Satakati Pronam neben Gurudev President Maharaj.

Nupur Ghosh
September 16, 2017 Reply

Pronam Gurubor Tomar Sri Charano Kamole.

Arnab Mukherjee, Bankura, W. B.
September 16, 2017 Reply

Anek din por Tapas Maharaj-k dekhte peye khub valo laglo, Param pujoniyo President Maharaj, Pujoniyo Tapas Maharaj saho somosto Sadhu, Br. Maharaj-k amar vokti purno pronam janai.

Devashis Nandy
September 16, 2017 Reply

I have the old edition.Surely I will buy the revised one to see the changes and additions.

Amitava Dutta Roy
September 16, 2017 Reply

Fabulous Book, everybody must read especially young brothers and sisters to enrich their knowledge and wisdom.

Rama chandra jena Ramakrishna Ashrama Kantapanhara cuttack
September 16, 2017 Reply

Nivedita the dedicated daughter of Swamiji played a vital role in Ramakrishna movement and freedom struggle.Her letters are a veritable feast for the serious readers.My homage to this great soul.

ananyo basu
September 15, 2017 Reply

Pronam Maharaj

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