A Brief Report of Recent Relief Services as on 01 April 2017

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A total of 49,102 blankets and 1,16,365 winter garments were distributed by 102 of our centres (including 5 in Bangladesh), among poor people affected by winter, flood, fire etc.



Under the ‘Garments Distribution Programme’, 2,12,646 shirts, 1,98,616 pants, 18,815 T-shirts, 458 shorts, 2702 leggings, 1071 tunics, 85,298 tops, 7098 women’s dresses, 573 outwears, 1539 frocks and 25,809 pairs of socks are being distributed among poor and needy people though 83 of our centres in different parts of the country.



Assam: In the aftermath of a devastating fire that broke out at Gopinathnagar-Pukurpar are in Guwahati, our Guwahati centre distributed 27 blankets, 13 mosquito-nets, 20 saris, 20 dhotis and 13 utensil sets (each set containing a pot, a pan, 2 plates and a tumbler) among 13 affected families on 12 March.

On 2 March, Silchar centre distributed 65 saris, 30 dhotis, 40 mosquito-nets, 65 scarfs, 8 kg milk powder, 11.2 litres of milk, 14.4 kg biscuits, 100 notebooks, 30 pens, 30 pencils, 30 sharpeners and 30 erasers among 40 families whose houses had been destroyed in an accidental fire at Chengkuri Road area in Silchar town.



Maharashtra: Aurangabad centre installed 7 water filters in 7 schools, sunk 2 bore-wells and installed a pump set in Aurangabad district from 3 to 27 February. The centre also distributed 380 drums (110 litre) for storing water among 380 poor families in 7 villages of Aurangabad district during the same period.



West Bengal: The following centres distributed essential goods among poor and needy people:

  • Antpur: 46 sewing machines, 15 rickshaw vans and 175 sets of dhadda (weaving accessories) in February and March.
  • Malda: 7 sewing machines and a handicap tricycle in March.

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April 29, 2017 Reply

This is truly making a difference. I’m really glad that Sri Ramakrishna Mission provides so much help for the people in need. Very happy to see that everyone’s working together to help fight poverty. I really wish I was there in India too and I love doing social work. Providing so many services it just amazing. Really appreciate the Gurus who are doing so much to help the community. Namaste:)

April 29, 2017 Reply

Excellent works as usual by members of Ramakrishna Math & Mission.

May god give vision to many of us to help this organisation in some way or another to continue such works.

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