Celebration of Pongal at Nattarampalli, 2017

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Ramakrishna Math, Nattarampalli (Tamil Nadu) celebrated Pongal (harvest festival) on 14 January 2017, with the economically & socially backward sections of that area.

The Ashrama celebrated this day by distributing a kit (containing Quality rice, jaggery, cashew nuts, turmeric powder, Kumkum, camphor, incense sticks, ghee, Dhal, sambar powder, etc.), sugar cane,  and new earthen pot to nearly 105 families belonging to different backward communities, i.e. Joggier ( pig rearing community), Irrular (rats & snakes catching community) and Arundatiyar (community who braids bamboo winnows & baskets).

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geetha krishnan
February 19, 2017 Reply

I can serve them by teaching children and adults spiritual and material with the guidance of Ashram authoritiesMedical surgical, pediatric and geriatric nursing care ,health education,rural health care. Is there any oppertunity existing.

Geetha krishnan
February 19, 2017 Reply

Very good act. Let the souls in that region the bliss
Where is exactly this place. Will I get opportunity to interct with the people and serve them in a humble manner

February 19, 2017 Reply

You may please contact the Adhyaksha of our Nattarampalli Ashrama :
Ramakrishna Math
P.O. Nattarampalli, Dt. Vellore,
Tamil Nadu 635852
Phone : 04179-24 2227
Email : [email protected]

Saurabh Dahake
January 28, 2017 Reply

Nice work.

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