Fire Relief by Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, July 2018

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On 16 July 2018 at 3.00 pm at the hamlet of Periyanayagipuram in Tiruvarur Dist, there was an accidental electrical short circuit. 43 thatched houses were razed by a raging fire fueled by the seasonal wind. Within 1 hour it spread to adjacent huts and luckily being daytime women and children had time to run out leaving behind all their belongings as the gas cylinders started bursting. Our Chennai Math centre immediately took up the Primary Relief Work. Relief materials worth around Rs. 4 Lakhs were distributed to the victims.


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September 14, 2018 Reply

Really proud of your service in my native place, Thanks a lot for supporting us Sir., One thing I want Conway to you Sir, In Periyanayakipuram,Thiruvarur(Dt) Some peoples are staying as rented houses. They got help from Sri Ramakrishna math (Fund and Things) and they getting from others also. Now Sri Ramakrishna math interested to provide new house for the whomever lost house on the fire accident. But the rented peoples are asking share for the house. Because rented peoples are given their names in the FIR list in place of the House Owner name(V.Kanakammal) Also indirectly few peoples are supporting them for money because of this the house owners are losing the repayment house provide by Sri Ramakrishna math (new house).Kindly inquire this issues in Periyanayakipuram village. Finally all the peoples should get the fire relief things and new house. I am requesting to you please consider this as high priority.
House Owner name : V.Kanakammal, W/O. Vadivel
Rented house 1: K.Kalidass, S/o Kaliyappan.
Rented house 2: N.Selvi, W/O Nadarajan.

Br. Rakesh
July 26, 2018 Reply

Joy Thakur-Maa-Swamiji.

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