Inauguration at Ramakrishna Math (Beni Pal Udyan), Sinthi

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The renovated Sri Ramakrishna Memorial Building at Ramakrishna Math (Beni Pal Udyan), Sinthi, Kolkata, was inaugurated by Srimat Swami Vagishanandaji Maharaj, Vice President, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission, on 20 August 2017, the holy birthday (janma thithi) of Swami Advaitananda Maharaj. Special Puja of Sri Sri Thakur was done. In the religious meeting (dharma sabha) arranged in this occasion, Swami Muktikamananda delivered the Welcome Address. Swami Divyananda was the chairperson, who released the Bengali book ‘Sinthite Sri Ramakrishna’ by Surendranath Chakraborty. Swami Vamanananda, Swami Balabhadrananda and Swami Girishananda delivered speeches in this holy occasion. Swami Shivapradananda delivered the Vote of Thanks. Swami Divyavratananda rendered devotional songs.


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Tushar Kanti Paul
September 13, 2017 Reply

সম্পদ তব শ্রীপদ ।
জয় ঠাকুর জয় মা জয় স্বামীজি।

Shankar Nath chattoraj
August 28, 2017 Reply

Joy Thakur Joy Ma Joy swamiji

Ritayan Chatterjee
August 26, 2017 Reply

A long cherished dream of the people from Sinthi area have come true.
Once again salutations to the Ramakrishna Math & Mission for awakening the inner senses of mortals.
The Holy Trio will be worshipped in the renovated sacred shrine and we would be blessed.
Being a resident of the Sinthi area I feel priveleged that God had arrived years ago to bless the household devotees.
Glory to Sri Ramakrishna, Holy Mother and Swamiji Maharaj.

Swapan Kumar MItra
August 24, 2017 Reply

It’s a sacred place where Sri Sri Thakur used to come and blessed the devotees. We are happy that this holy land come under purview of Belur Math. Jai Thakur, Jai Maa

Rama chandra jena Ramakrishna Ashrama Kantapanhara cuttack
August 24, 2017 Reply

Sinthi is the place where Thakur blessed devotees and it has been sacred by His presence.What about Kesav Sen”S residence.

Arnab Mukherjee(Bankura)
August 23, 2017 Reply

Kobe Trisito A Moru Chariya Jaibo Tomar Oi Rosalo Nandone

Prakash P
August 23, 2017 Reply

Jai Sri Ramakrishna..

Ayan Banerjee
August 23, 2017 Reply

Pronam …..

Sourav Bhattacharjee
August 22, 2017 Reply

Grand event. A new destination for Peace.
Sastang pronams.
Joy Thakur. Joy Maa.

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