Inauguration of Renovated building of Primary School in Imphal

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The renovated building of Primary School in Uripok was inaugurated by Swami Balabhadranandaji Maharaj on 19 April 2017. This renovated building will now accommodate three sections of Class V and will have one Computer cum Smart Class Lab. As of now this year the primary school of Ramakrishna Mission, Imphal, has 456 students from Class I to V with three sections in each Class.

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Naren Das (Itanagar)
May 31, 2017 Reply

My sastanga Pranam to Revered Swami Balabhadranandaji Maharaj and Other Revered Maharaj for this auspicious occasion. Really, it is a tough journey to continue such an establishment in a region like Imphal. I feel proud to become a part of Sri Ramakrishna and Vivekananda movement.

Arnab Mukherjee(BANKURA)
May 22, 2017 Reply

Revd. Balabhadranandaji Maharaj o Onno Sakol Maharajji K Janai Vokti Purno Pranam; Jay Sri GuruMaharajji Ki Jay.

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