Introduction to Vedanta – Lecture Series – Swami Sarvapriyananda

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In a series of talks, Swami Sarvapriyananda lucidly unfolds the fundamentals of Advaita Vedanta presented in “Drg Drsya Viveka: An Inquiry into the Nature of the Seer and the Seen“. These talks were delivered at the Vedanta Temple in Hollywood, California, USA.
Class 1 | Class 2 | Class 3 | Class 4 | Class 5 | Class 6 | Class 7 | Class 8 | Class 9 | Class 10 | Class 11 | Class 12 

Please Note :

  1. If you have any questions, you may contact Swami Sarvapriyananda : [email protected]
  2. Due to the large volume of questions over email, Sarvapriyanandaji has set up a system to respond to questions through YouTube.
  3. The question/answer sessions can be found at



44 Responses to “Introduction to Vedanta – Lecture Series – Swami Sarvapriyananda”

October 20, 2018 Reply

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October 13, 2018 Reply

Is there any place for lectures on vedanta in kolkata?if yes where does it take place?

May 31, 2018 Reply

I just have two questions – in the seer and seen philosophy.

1) Why can’t we say this : Eyes see the world. Eyes need the brain to see. Brain needs the heart to function. Heart needs lungs to function. Lungs need atmosphere to function. Atmosphere needs Sun. Sun needs galaxy etc. This is how outside and inside are related according to me. The experiences/feelings are being caused by brain when it comes in contact with outside world through sensory organs. Mind is just a creation of Brain. Thought is a creation of brain based on mind’s experience.

2) The real question is – why this exists? Why should Sun exist? Why should we exist? Rather than who or what or how, I am trying to understand, why do we exist? Why does the universe exist? My question is more a fundamental “why”. Not expecting answers like we exist because we have to do good in society etc..

chidambaram ulaganathan
March 22, 2018 Reply

the spiritual discourses of SwamiSarvapriyananda are highly inspiring.Any one hearing him will feel elevated.our humble salutations and prostrations

Mukesh Singh
March 21, 2018 Reply

Pranam Swami Ji,

Its so soothing to hear those truths once again from you, very mesmerizing. I just finished the Avatar series of Shri Ramakrishna – ( Part 1 to 3).

Please let us know if you are coming to Bengaluru in near future.

Sadar Pranam,


Pranam Swami Ji,
For last around 3 yrs, after a brief attack of anxiety I have been reading and listening to spiritual lessons, from various sources. Every one was talking about the ultimate “Truth” and explaining. They seemed simple but the whole concept was a Rubic’s Cube to me.
…..But Swami Ji, I accidentally came across one of your lectures at IIT K. I liked your crisp way of explanation. I heard your lectures on “Who I am” etc etc. But your lectures with examples on Astavakra Gita viz Heart of Awareness, cleared all my concepts in line with Gyan Yog.
…. Now I am adopting the Bhakti as advised by yourself
…. My alcohol intake has stopped
…. Now I feel Your every lecture, rather your every statement is a Guru Vaani, absolutely Power PACKED with so much of deep profound meaning.
…. Realisation is the next step and I am working on it as per your steps and directions. I have downloaded all your teachings and am making notes and trying to do understand them deeply. ……………….. Thank you Swami Ji. ………. for being my Guide and Guru.
I happen to be in Pithoragarh (Uttarakhand) and you mention Uttarakhand many a times in your teaching lessons. If you happen to visit this side of the country then pls do visit us. It will be a great honour for me.

October 30, 2017 Reply

Feel blessed listening to Swami Sarvapriyanandaji. I am based in Phoenix, Arizona, and I noticed in a video that Swamiji was speaking in Santa Barbara. Is there a schedule for Swamiji’s lectures? I wanted to visit California to listen to him in person as well as seek his blessings.

Kanhu Charan Swain
October 25, 2017 Reply

Thank you Swamiji for all your inspiring and motivational lectures on vedanta. I have been associated with satsang and some sort of spiritual practice since I was a child. My aim is to attain self realization but the thought that I am not this body and I am always free. The pain and pleasure is to the body which is false, so let it be there. This thought confuses me as to why one should attain self realization, because the truth is truth whether I experience it or not. This prevents me from going further in this path. So please help me in this regard.

February 14, 2018 Reply

You are approaching and seeing the Truth as an object or a concept. To be Self-Realized, is to EXPERIENCE the Truth. As you said, the Truth alone is whether you experience it or not. But, how can you really know the Truth if you don’t EXPERIENCE it? If you still suffer, you are experiencing the sense of separation and duality, and are still identified as the person. That should be your motivation to go further on the path. When the Truth is known experientially, and the ego and mind are disolved, these questions and struggles will not have the relevance the appear to have now. Do not give up.


Rajeshkumar N
September 14, 2017 Reply

Dear Sarvapriyananda Swamiji, (with my Pranams)
i am Rajesh from chennai, an old student of Ramakrishna mission of students home, Mylapore, chennai, During our times of study in home, we were guided by swami Pitambaranandaji on various aspects of Upanishads that were really valuable. I admire your lectures on Vedanta as they are inspiring. still i have one small doubt as under, kindly clarify.

i fully agree with the vedantic concept that ‘Turiya’ (consciousness) is the only infinite reality and nothing is parellel to it, and its nature is infinite existence, infinite wisdom, and infinite happiness (bliss or non objective enjoyment), and which is the real existence in every being.

when that be the case, for whose benefit the creation, change, and destruction of this universe is performed, and where comes the necessity that the super consciousness splits itself into beings (becoming Jiva or Mithya, Jagat) and realization of oneness to see its own face back. (in other words to attain the lost equilibrium)

kindly clarify.

[email protected]

September 21, 2017 Reply

Dear Rajesh,

Please send your questions to [email protected]

Due to the large volume of questions over email, its impossible to reply to each one separately. We have set up a system to enable us to respond to questions through YouTube.

The question/answer sessions can be found at

with namaskars and best wishes,
Swami Sarvapriyananda

September 11, 2017 Reply

Dear Swamiji, pranaam
You are doing great work. Kindly help me in understanding this:
When we are working on a project to solve a big problem, we have to go through a lot of gruelling sessions inside our head figuring out the right approaches.

As per the Upanishads, our mind should be always one-pointed towards Brahman.

So instead of focussing on the nuances of the project shall we focus entirely on Brahman and stop thinking about everything else.

Shiva Ham
September 13, 2017 Reply

What you exactly want to know ? Is it why of whatever is wheping or how to shift it to a desireable possiblity?

Dipak Upadhyaya
September 3, 2017 Reply

Swamiji pranam. I have been watching your lectures a number of time. It’s acquainted me with the essence of Hinduism the vedantic concept of God and self. Slowly grasping. Still learning. Swamiji please upload your lectures in hindi , Bengali or any other Indian languages you are comfortable with. Anyway great

August 6, 2017 Reply

श्रीराम जयराम जयजय राम.

Nice Lectures.

Thank You!

Sharadindu Mishra
July 8, 2017 Reply

For me difficult to understand. But explanation of Srinagar Savapriyananda in simple English, created interest on me for Vedanta.

June 23, 2017 Reply

I feel fortunate to come across sri sarvapriyananda through you tube. I have listened to his various talks on different topics of Vedanta.

Rajashwary Das
May 29, 2017 Reply

swamiji take my pranam at first. Thanks for such enlightening and inspiring talk in different lectures.I have availed it through youtube by the grace of god and gurudev. It has helped me to know real information about our religion and cleared the concept of god. Please bless me so that I can make this knowledge practical in my day to day life.

Suresh K Kulkarni
May 29, 2017 Reply

Poojya Sri Maharaj, I am fortunate enough to get these lessons series through U tube. After long search for this knowledge, God and Gurus have blessed me this opportunity to learn this knowledge at your lotus feet , of course , from remote but we are again connected through “One Akhanda Sat Chit Ananda.”
“Please bless this humble devotee to realize the God”
Thank You Maharaj again and again for giving us this knowledge.
At thy holy feet …….

TP Bagchi
April 29, 2017 Reply

We are fortunate to have Swami Sarvapriyanandaji Maharaj after we have lost our most dear and most revered Shrimat Swami Ranganathanandaji Maharaj. I pray to the lotus feet of the Holy Trio for his long, healthy and eventful life. Pranam.

Vijay Thakur
March 7, 2017 Reply

Namsakaa Sir,
I writting from shimla , Himachal Pradesh. I have seen many lectures of Swami Sarvpriyanada ji Maharaj . So can I please there contact no. or email id.

Nitin Dogra
March 4, 2017 Reply

Swami ji,

I have been practicing meditation for some time and now i have start reading more about vedanta. I am looking for your guidance on Vedanta. Can you give me say 5 – 10 books that cover two main things?

1 – Meditation techniques used in vedanta. I see the vipassana or mindfulness practice have lot of great books which lay out clear structure of the meditation technique. I may be wrong but i am not able to find a clear text stating the technique used for vedanta meditation. I have read The gospel of Ramakrishna and many books from Swami Vivekananda. They are amazing in explaining philosophy but i don’t find a clear cut structure of the technique to be used in meditation. So i need your guidance on that.

2 – Books which cover vedanta from a very scientific perspective especially for an engineer like me. I do know lot of quantum physicist are referring to knowledge from Vedanta

I want to avidly learn and practice vedanta. Even though you are very busy. A response will be very beneficial to me and many others.

A bhimarao
February 6, 2017 Reply

A Bhimarao. Visakhapatnam
Sri Gurubhyo namaha.
This teaching is rewarding for any seeker of truth.. The reflected conciousness in the mind is called Jiva is mithya as it is not original and therefore whatever actions he does too are unreal
Therefore the samsara toois unreal and Atma only is real.

CA G.Rajendra prasad
January 30, 2017 Reply

Respected Swamiji,
Felt so privileged to listen to the powerful presentation by Swami. .Looking forward to hear further discourses of Swamiji.

December 11, 2016 Reply

Respected Swami,
First of all I pay my heartfelt gratitude to you for unveil Vedanta to me.I have no words to express my gratitude. Some confusions and queries rising which i want to know.Most important is that i want to join Vedanta classes as beginner. Kindly if i can know the procedure.

sata sata pranam

Amrita Ghosh
November 19, 2016 Reply


first of all sir i am of 13 yrs old. i have been watching few vedios from u tube about “who am i?” the two sessions held in iitk. i have many queries.. i believe u r successfull in making me understand the sravanam. i am sure i have understood it properly . As in the second stage mananam we are expected have doubts , i have few too.



Anoop Sharma
December 7, 2016 Reply

Mrs Amrita, consider this situation, during ganesha chaturthi we see many ganesha idols, made from mud, each are different ,with different colours and sizes, now consider a person who havent seen mud from his birth,but have seen ganesha idols, now if you show him this idol and ask what do you see,he will say the idol,but he is ignorant of mud, in the same way, name and form are maya,but the core substance is brahman, if you takw that person now and give him the knowledge of mud, what will he see? nothing but mud in various forms, in this way the world is false.

T. P. Bagchi
August 14, 2017 Reply

Mr. Sharma, this is a nice explanation. Thanks. But, can we really say that the Universe is false? For most of us, it has a practical existence, vyavaharika astitwa. And, until we are enlightened, it will continue to be so. What to do then? As Thakur-Ma-Swamiji have taught us: we have to take the world around us as God or Brahman. Now, as our spiritual awakening deepens (through our sadhana and, of course, through Divine grace), we will see or experience, anubhava, the ultimate reality beyond name and form. This Universe is nothing but the Sat aspect of Sat-Chit-Ananda. Please remember the last words of Pujaniya Swami Turiyananda-ji Maharaj: “Brahman is true, the world is true, truth is established in truth.” Dear Amrita is right in asking the question : initially, one may be little confused about the Vedantic utterance that the world is unreal. For us, we have to take the world as vyakta Brahman, manifestation of the ultimate reality. Anyway, revered Maharaj-ji may kindly enlighten us more. Pranam.

No Name, No Fame
April 3, 2017 Reply

Greetings Amrita,
I see your confusion, where you relate in the example, the screen to be turiya. So you might be hoping as you can see the screen all along but could not realize it because of your thought, you think that it might be due to your perception and not the vision, that you could not “realize” turiya or the “4th state”. But in fact, vision is the attribute of the waking or the dreaming state, in which we are ignorant and thus make error. So, it is not only your thought but also the vision that is wrong. Both are maya or illusion. The reason it is so hard to realize and understand is that it can only be realized through knowledge and not an object to be explained or to be seen.

September 27, 2016 Reply


Respected Swamiji, PRANANMS,SHRDHA, LOVE.
I am a great listener of your talks, i heard your several lectures at kolkata………@RKM,GOLPARK, BELUR MATH.and many others places at kolkata. Your word inspired us in great extent. I am a DIKHITO SANTAN of SRIRAMAKRISHNA ORDER with HIS kripa.’ e jinis bhasay byakto kora jayna; prane prane anuvober bishoy’. pls forgive me of my childish behavior.

Sandip sen
August 18, 2016 Reply

I don’t know if my question sounds stupid or not, please forgive if it does .
As far as I get it to remove the veil of maya one has to continuously think or meditate about the pure existence and nothing else, but how do I know that I am simply not hypnotising my self to believe something of which I am not sure of.
As far as I know one can fool the mind to see, hear, taste and feel things which are not there in real world through auto suggestion?
How is this different from thinking or meditating about brahma? Is there a way to distinguish?
Once again please forgive my ignorance and stupidity, I am not sure if I am qualified enough to ask or discuss these things.

Ms. Zarine M
August 17, 2016 Reply

Namaste Swami Sarvapriyanandaji, Thank you very much for the wonderful series that was uploaded on the subject of Drg Drsya Viveka..You have great clarity and has expressed it so clearly. I do have a question to ask though…

We have not experienced the pure consciousness it is said.
Cit reflects itself on the mind and hence it is called the reflected consciousness.

Now when I see a person with my eyes, the eyes becomes the subject and the person becomes the object…
If I want to know what is happening to my eyes, like whether it is feeling itchy, or watering, burning etc… I cannot see my own eyes, but only the reflection of it in the mirror…hence, without using the mirror, the mind is able to give me that information about the eyes, so the conclusion is that the mind becomes the subject and the eyes is the object….

Now in the case of the mind, so many thoughts are going on …… I am asked to witness these thoughts and I now focus on the thoughts that are going on in my mind..
the question is …The mind has now become the object, and the one watching is the subject…
Who is the one watching the mind? Is it the Cit, the pure consciousness that is watching, or is the Consciousness slowly getting established in its own essential nature.
The reason why this question is.. you had mentioned that we have not experienced pure consciousness… so in that case, if one is able to distinguish the thoughts and the one watching.. then is it not the pure consciousness (cit) that is being witnessed..
Thank you, OM Zm

Idea Green
August 7, 2016 Reply

Revered Maharaj, Pranam, Thank you soo much for this session on Intro to Vedanta… Thank you Belur Math for uploading them. Definitely looking forward to more such scriptural talks.. Bhagwatam is one of my desire to listen !! Sincere regards,

Dipankar Dey
July 31, 2016 Reply

simply very good and spiritual lectures.
SWAMIJI,please take me pranam and give me aashirbad.

Snehashis Kahali
July 21, 2016 Reply

PronamThanks for your lecture.I think there is no bengali book on this Drg drishya vivek.Please publish it in bengali

July 15, 2016 Reply

We need lectures in TAMIL language

Ivan Pontual
July 13, 2016 Reply

Hari Om Tat Sat!

Absolutely masterful exposition of Vedanta! Such clarity, precision and deep understanding of the scriptures are rare indeed. Rarer still is the blessing we’ve received, of learning and trying to realize these deep teachings in one’s life. Praised be Thakur!

Tridib Chakraborty
July 9, 2016 Reply

Jay Sri Ramakrishna…

Pranaam Swamiji.

Is there any way I can connect with you over email or by any other means?

Dr.Anirban Hom Choudhuri
July 8, 2016 Reply

Respected Maharaj,
Thakur has said in the Gospel that as long as doesn’t overcome the I-consciousness, the best way is to accept God as Prabhu and oneself as his das.
Does the realization of Brahman is pertinent only to those who have overcome the I consciousness?

Narendra Babu
July 22, 2016 Reply

Absolutely. It is in surrendering to the Guru, the duality of consciousness gradually merges into the Oneness. Devotion to the Master eradicates the I ness just as a dry fig catches fire when the fig comes into contact with the fire resulting in its being swallowed by the fire. So too the I dissolves gradually when loving devotion to the Master is practiced perpetually.

July 8, 2016 Reply

Om Namo Bhagavate ramakrishnaya

Wonderful exposition of vedantic texts with absolute clarity in these series of lectures. It stimulates growing interest in minds of the listeners and enables one to engage in meaningful mananam. The Q&A session at the end of each talk is very helpful for greater understanding.

My pranams and thanks to Swami Sarvapriyanandaji. Many thanks to belur Math for uploading the talks. Eagerly looking forward to many more series of talks.

Pradipta Bnaerjee
July 8, 2016 Reply

Simply great
I see all the lectures, its very inspiring and very close of our practical life what we are experiencing every day.

Anoska Banerjee
June 26, 2016 Reply


Swamiji, please take my pramam. I am a student & I have taken Diksha few years back. As a teenager I had many problems about japa,meditation & controlling the mind. But after listening your lectures, I can understand many difficult things very easily. I am inspired by your Devine speeches. I am waiting for more lectures. Please, give me aashirbaad. ” JAY MAA “

June 26, 2016 Reply

Hari Om < My Pranams.
Swamiji one of the best lectures with clarity.
Looking forward for more such lectures.
How do we classify our judgemental mind. Vyavarika or Pratibhasika ?
Raga dvesa?
Is Vyavarika the relative world as it is, no doubt mithya
Is Pratibhasika seeing the world otherwise. Just like snake and rope

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