Memorial Meeting for Srimat Swami Atmasthananda Ji : Photos

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Photos of the Memorial Meeting in connection with the Mahasamadhi of Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj on Friday, 30 June 2017 at Belur Math.




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Debasis Datta
July 26, 2017 Reply


Raj Kalyan Chakraborty
July 24, 2017 Reply

Jai Sri Guru Maharaj jee ki jai, Jai Mahamayee ki jai,Jai Swamijee Maharaj jee ki jai.

Raj kalyan Chakrabory.

Jaideb Kr. Chattopadhyay
July 20, 2017 Reply

Joy, Thakur Ma Swamiji.

Jaideb Kumar Chattopadhyay
July 20, 2017 Reply

Joy,Thakur Ma Swamiji. Amar dikshagurumaharaj Sri Ramkrishnalok theke amake poth dakhaben.

Tejpal Gupta Raipur
July 19, 2017 Reply

रामकृष्ण शरणं,रामकृष्ण शरणं,रामकृष्ण शरणं शरण्ये।
स्वामीजी महाराज को मेरा शत शत प्रणाम।।
जय ठाकुर,जय माँ,जय स्वामीजी।

Amitava Dutta RoyA
July 14, 2017 Reply


Venu, hyderabad.
July 10, 2017 Reply

Maha Samadi of Srimath Swami Atmastanananda great loss of us..but he is always with us in every activity…He bless us..jai takoor, jai maa.

Sukato Roy
July 10, 2017 Reply

Sastanga Pronams at the holy lotus feet of Gurudev.

Ranjita debnath
July 8, 2017 Reply

Pronam tomay gurudeb..
Provu amaro priyo amaro..

July 8, 2017 Reply


July 6, 2017 Reply

Can the Programme video be uploaded soon . Waiting for the video

Sayantan Guin
July 5, 2017 Reply

Please upload the audios of Rev Presiden Mjs Memoryl Meeting

July 5, 2017 Reply


Niraj Kumar
July 5, 2017 Reply

As I can recall the function held in Ramakrishna Ashrama, Bela, Muzaffarpur district where you visited on the 150th birth anniversary of Sharda Maa. Like other devotees, I was in the queue to seek your blessings. After offering the pranam, I was elsewhere outside the queue. In the mean time, a maharaj told me
that you are calling me. When I came to you, you asked me a question that what is going on in your mind. I said that being an eldest son of the family, I have a lot of responsibilities. When you asked me whether you have taken a dikhsa, I said not now. Then, you said me to read the books of Thakur and Swamiji. From this time, I had a desire to seek mantra-dikhsa from you. It was later fulfilled with your grace.
It is hard to believe that you are not but I am sure you are everywhere in Belur Math and in the hearts of your devoties.

Niraj Kumar
July 5, 2017 Reply

Feeling sad and tearful remembering you Maharaj Ji. I am sure you are everywhere in Belur Math and in the hearts of your followers.

Moloy Dasgupta
July 3, 2017 Reply

Due to illness I could not attend the program; Please upload the videos of the memorial meeting; this is my earnest request the Holy Belur Math authority.

Supratip Chakrabarty
July 3, 2017 Reply

Apurba darshan. Dyea kore moharaj der sriti torpon audio guli dile dhono hobo .

July 3, 2017 Reply

My Satstang pranam to Guru Maharaj.

Jai shri Gurumaharaj JI ki jay

venkatesh murali
July 3, 2017 Reply

Jai Sri Ramakrishna…

July 2, 2017 Reply

Vaktipurna pranam janai.30 6 2017 te 6.35 am theke 18 45pm paryanta Mathe keteche. Mon anande purna hoechilo. Ekhon ei photo gulo dekhe sei ananda paripurna holo. Amar jiban dhanya

Bhramara Doddapaneni
July 2, 2017 Reply

All photos are good. Could not stop liking them, while watching them, heart became so calm, stopped even liking them. In the morning time, a very blessed darshan from Belur Math. All his grace.

Jai Sri Ramakrishna.Pranam.

Rama chandra jena kantapanhara cuttack
July 2, 2017 Reply

There is a saying in Bhagavat,Pranir valo manda vani maran kale taha jani.I bow down my head to the feet of the mother who gave birth to such an illustrious son.Mind was filled with joy seeing thousands paying tribute to our late president from the visuals uploaded.I pray that He inspire us staying in Ramakrishna Lok.

Sankar Prasad Ghosh
July 2, 2017 Reply

Please upload the lecture videos for the sake of those who are far away and couldn’t attend the meeting that day.

ananyo basu
July 2, 2017 Reply

Joy Sri guru Maharaj ji Ki joy!

Ranjini Chakraborty
July 2, 2017 Reply

Thank you very much for sharing. pranam.

Ayan Banerjee
July 2, 2017 Reply


July 1, 2017 Reply

please upload the audio files of the programme

Maitrayee Ray
July 1, 2017 Reply

Please upload the lectures and bhajans of the Memorial meeting of Srimat Swami Atmasthananda ji.

Tuhin Mukherjee
July 1, 2017 Reply

Can we listen lectures of Dharmasava of dated 30/06/2017 ?It could be a great fortune for many of us.

Bharati Bhattacharya
July 1, 2017 Reply

Lots and lots of pronam to the lotus feet of Sri Guru Maharaj. Fortunate were those who attended the memorial meeting at Belur Math. Can it be possible to upload the audio or video lectures ? We, live in the far away places, will remain extremely grateful to have the audio/video lectures delivered on that auspicious day through your website.

Shivam Ganguly
July 1, 2017 Reply

Can the Lectural Videos please be uploaded ?

Apurba Kumar Gain
July 1, 2017 Reply


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