Memorial Meeting for Srimat Swami Atmasthananda Ji : Programme

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Special Puja, Bhajan and Memorial Meeting in connection with the Mahasamadhi of Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj on Friday, 30 June 2017.  Programme in PDF



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Dilip Das
July 4, 2017 Reply

I had an opportunity to seek Swamiji’s approval and blessings in 2008.
I am a local priest in Kansas City, MO, USA. I serve as a priest locally.
In one Sarasvati Puja, I put a copy of Bhagavad Gita, Bible, and Quran at the pedestal of the image. The inclusion of Quran drew criticism from conservative Hindus. I wrote about it to Swamiji who wholeheartedly supported me.

S Mukherjee
June 30, 2017 Reply

Respectes sir,

I am a devoted sishya of Param Pujniya sri sri Atmasthananda Maharaj. I have observed rituals as per directives of my parents, who are also have taken diksha from belur math. Kindly guide me as to how I can donate in bhandara. I want to donate online. Thank you. Regards. Plz intimate by mail at [email protected]

Subhankar Mukherjee, Mitali Mukherjee, Debapriya mukherjee

Nivethitha T
June 30, 2017 Reply

Jai Sri Gurumaharajki Jai!
We had a great satsang and special pooja for Takur at our Ashrama. We all the devotees were blessed to listen the biography of Rev. Swami Athmasthanandaji.
Our heartfelt pranams at Thy Holy feet.
Jai Sri Ramakrishna! Jai Sri Ma! Jai Swamiji!

Sukhad Ram Pandey
June 30, 2017 Reply

I found him extremely alert and disciplined sadhu.He was a man of many tasks,but few words.Whatever he spoke,he spoke with heart delivering a direct message.His were actionable words.I remember,once he gave his blessings in a meeting of UP ramakrishna-vivekananda bhav prachar parishad at Lucknow.It was short,but very forceful.At Belur Math,whenever we went to offer our pranams to him,he looked straight into our eyes,as if it was a searchlight to discover some worth out of dark patches of our personality.

To-day in our sevashram also arrange Special Puja, Bhajan. for Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj. In connection we also distribute Dhuti,Saari to needy peoples and also prasadam. will be distributed after Pujan.
Jai Thakur, SriMaa,Swamiji

Rama chandra jeena. kantapanhara cuttack
June 30, 2017 Reply

Got invitation by post yesterday from Belur math to participate memorial meeting of our late beloved President.Sorrynot to be able to attend.The best tribute we can pay to Him by holding up the values HE lived.The sangha is the body of Sri Ramakrishna.We should live up to the ideals of the Math and mission.That will be our best tribute.Once again my humble prayers to the departed Soul.

Sagar Chandra Sarkar.Manjusree Sarkar.
June 30, 2017 Reply

Aj amader Parampujya Gurudev er Mahaprayan tatha SriRamkrishnaloke gaman upalakshe Math e ayojita Bhandara/Smaransabha r dine tnar Sricharane satakoti pronam janai…SriSri Thakur o Sri Sri MataThakuranir Sri Padpadma jugale satakoti Pranam janai💐
……..Sagar Chandra o Manjusree Sarkar.

Unmesh Biswas
June 29, 2017 Reply

Respected Sir, Can we watch this auspicious meeting on belurmath TV. With pronam. unmesh biswas

June 29, 2017 Reply

Belur Math does not broadcast any Memorial Meetings.

June 28, 2017 Reply

My humble pranam at the holy feet of our revered Gurudev Srimat Swami Atmasthanandaji Maharaj, Sri Sri Thakur, Sri Sri Maa and Swamiji Maharaj

My humble request to Belurmath to telecast the memorial meeting live on belurmath tv

Ashutosh roy
June 27, 2017 Reply

we shocked at his passing away. we feel very proud of his sacrificed life for humanity.

Ashutosh roy.BOGRA
June 27, 2017 Reply

joy Thakur.Ma Swamiji.we learnt a lot from His life. we Bangladeshi feel very proud of Him for His sacrificed life.we over sure He got Mahasamadhi with Thakur.

Tamal Ranjan Sinha
June 27, 2017 Reply

Moharaj ji r corone dandabath pronam. Joy Ramakrishna!

Supratip Chakrabarty
June 27, 2017 Reply

Thakur ma Swamijir Paye Sato Koti Pronam

Jaya Roy
June 27, 2017 Reply

Joy Thakur, Joy Ma , Pronam Gurudev

ananyo basu
June 26, 2017 Reply

Joy Thakur,joy Sri guru Maharaj ji Ki joy

Bharati Bhattacharya, Varanasi
June 26, 2017 Reply

Physically Sri Guru Maharaj is not with us. Yet, we must feel his presence all the time in our heart and will follow the spiritual path he had shown. He will continue to usher his blessings on us from the Ramakrishna Lok.

krishna chakraborty
June 26, 2017 Reply


Amitava Dutta Roy
June 26, 2017 Reply

Hari Om Ramakrishna
Jai Sir Sri Bhagaban

Debdas Adhikari
June 26, 2017 Reply

Extremely saddened that most revered Gurudev left for his abode in Ramakrishna Lok. Pranam at his lotus feet. Glory be the Lord. To the Mother. To Swamiji Maharaj.

dr bijoy kumar nag
June 25, 2017 Reply

Gurudev sat- sat koti pronaam….we all are very sad moment in our life jai Shree- Shree Thakurer joy….
Joy Shree Maa Sharodar mayer joy.
Joy. Swamijeer joy….Peace for soul….everybody who are the members of THAKUR..Maa..Swamijee….

pulakesh patra
June 25, 2017 Reply

Joy sri thakur, sri ma, swamiji. Sobar mangal karo. Mon pran park hitay jeno ai prarthana tomader kachhe.

damayanti datta
June 25, 2017 Reply

pronam maharaj

subrata datta
June 25, 2017 Reply

pranam maharaj

Hillol Kundu.Howrah
June 25, 2017 Reply

pranam Maharaj

Jai Sri Thakur Ma Swamiji

Bishnu Charan Bajpayee
June 24, 2017 Reply

Guru Maharaj is in Ramakrisha lok,It is very sad moment for me and my family , bt he is always with us .Pranam Maharaj. joy guru.

Chandan kumar singh
June 24, 2017 Reply

the samadhi of my gurudev swami aatmsthanand ji maharaj is a very sad moment in my life. i lost the very very very important parson in my life but he always alive in my heart.
Jai sri ramakrishna

Niraj Kumar
June 24, 2017 Reply

Jaise apke charno me baithkar apne jap karna sikhaya, waise hi sada apni kripa banaye rakhiyega ….. Apki yaad baar baar aa rahi hai aur man udaas ho raha.

praveen namdeo
June 24, 2017 Reply

the samadhi of my gurudev swami aatmsthanand ji maharaj is a very sad moment in my life. i lost the very very very important parson in my life but he always alive in my heart.
I pray to sri sri thakur and sri sri maa to whenever i will be born in the earth then my desire that i want to make disciple of guru swami aatmsthanand ji maharaj.

Jayanta Kumar Dutta
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pranam Sri Sri Thakur, Maa and Swamiji.

Pranam Maharaj,

Laxman J Soor
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pranam Maharaj.
Jai Thakurji,
Jai Maa’
Jai Swamiji.

Pravakar Majumder
June 24, 2017 Reply

জয় ঠাকুর,জয় মা ,জয় স্বামীজী প্রণাম,
গুরুদেব ইহলোক ত্যাগ করে রামকৃষ্ণলোকে গমন করেছেন, তাঁর আত্মা অবশ্যই শান্তিতে বিরাজ করছে ,
তাঁর দেখান পথ,কার্যক্রম স্মরণ করে চলতে পারি এইটুকু ওঁনার চরণে প্রার্থনা

sangeeta basu
June 24, 2017 Reply

Though the holy soul is no more physically present with us but his work, his advice…everything is the source of inspiration in our journey of life. Pronam Maharaj.

Sanket kundu
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pronam maharaj.maharajer dirgha karmay jiboner smaran manan o tar dekhano pothe chalai amader karanio kartabya.

Triptiranjan Mitra
June 24, 2017 Reply

জয় ঠাকুর জয় মা জয় স্বামীজী মহারাজ।

Jayanta Bhattacharjee
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pranam Maharaj. Joy Thakur.

sanchayita kanta
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pranam gurudev

Dhananjay Mehta
June 24, 2017 Reply

Pranam Maharaj

Jai Thakur Ma Swamiji

Rama Chandra Jena.kantapanhara. cuttack
June 24, 2017 Reply

His life was dedicated for the Ramakrishna math and mission.Thousands have been inspired by Him.Many centres have been enriched by His presence. He is no more in physical plane.He is in the Ramakrishna lok and continues to inspire us by His speeches and writings.Today is the time to recapitulate His memories and work for the enrichment of the Sangha.My humble prayers for the departed Soul.

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