Andul Kali Kirtan Samiti (Video)

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Kali Kirtan by Andul Kali Kirtan Samiti conducted at the Math courtyard on 9/03/2014 during the Public Celebration of Sri Ramakrishna.

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Debopam Sarkar
March 6, 2016 Reply

Like to contact Andul Kali Kirtan Samiti Can U Plz provide their contact number?

January 20, 2015 Reply

Its so enchanting,mesmerizing with devotion-awakening to have outstanding performances of KALI-KIRTAN by ANDUL KALI-KIRTAN SAMITY at the Belur Math courtyard during Public Celebration of SRI SRI THAKUR.! Its was since the time of SWAMIJI’s physical presence that this highly acclaimed AKKS making this enthralling devotional renditions and pleasing SRI SRI THAKUR & deluging the heart of the devotees!! May SRI SRI GURU MAHARAJ be rejoicing while listening the KALI-KIRTANS in the years to come!!

Partha Mukherjee.

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