Swami Gahanananda (Pictures)

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Pictures of Swami Gahanananda the fourteenth President of the Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission.

7 Responses to “Swami Gahanananda (Pictures)”

Dr Pravin Kumar
September 12, 2017 Reply

Shrimat Swami Gahananandaji Maharaj changed my life immensely.

Dr Anita Kulkarni
March 4, 2017 Reply

Extremly grateful for this vast collection of Gurumaharaj photos , always feel joy and blessed looking at his calm & peaceful divine face .

Kalyan Chatterjee
January 1, 2017 Reply

Jai gurudev blessed us….

Sunita Sengupta
September 2, 2016 Reply

Jai Gurudeb pronam.

July 8, 2016 Reply

Blessed us Guru Maharaj je

Sudeep Kumar Guha
December 13, 2015 Reply

Sree Gurave namah.

swapan kumar mukherjee.
February 28, 2016 Reply

Feeling blessed after GURU darshan. Thanks Sudeep.

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