Swami Vireshwarananda ji Maharaj at Ramakrishna Mission, Aalo (1979)

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Video of the visit of Srimat Swami Vireshwarananda ji Maharaj (10th President of Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission) at Ramakrishna Mission, Aalo (formerly Along, West Siang, Arunachal Pradesh) in October 1979. Revered Maharaj was at Aalo to inaugurate the “Vivekananda Sant Vihar’ (Monks’ Quarters) and to sanctify the new temple and the dining hall.


6 Responses to “Swami Vireshwarananda ji Maharaj at Ramakrishna Mission, Aalo (1979)”

Aarti j kaul
September 9, 2018 Reply

saw him first time in video…Pranams to my guru

Subrata Chaudhury
August 8, 2018 Reply

I am very much fortunate to see my GURUDEV………

chandra sekhar BS
August 7, 2018 Reply

I am fortunate to see the video of Swami Veereswarananda Maharaj.
I have read about him but not seen.
I am thankful to Belur Math swamijis for uploading this video.
The devotees who have not seen Maharaj can have Darshan through this video.
Jai Thakur, Jai Ma and Jai Swamiji.

Harendra Sing Sirari
July 26, 2018 Reply

Really the video of Great Swamiji “Pravhu Maharajji (Vireshwaranandaji) is very impressive. Words are very less to describe. “Jai Thakur” “Jai Ma” and Swami Vivekananda.

Sumita dasguupta
July 23, 2018 Reply

Pro nam maharaj

Br. Rakesh
July 12, 2018 Reply

Joy Thakur-Maa-Swamiji.
I realized, stay 1979, dhyanoloka swami vireshwarananda.

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