To The Fourth of July Poem by Vivekananda

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Behold, the dark clouds melt away, 
That gathered thick at night, and hung 
So like a gloomy pall above the earth! 
Before thy magic touch, the world 
Awakes. The birds in chorus sing. 
The flowers raise their star-like crowns — 
Dew-set, and wave thee welcome fair. 
The lakes are opening wide in love 
Their hundred thousand lotus-eyes 
To welcome thee, with all their depth. 
All hail to thee, thou Lord of Light! 
A welcome new to thee, today, 
O Sun! Today thou sheddest Liberty

Bethink thee how the world did wait, 
And search for thee, through time and clime. 
Some gave up home and love of friends, 
And went in quest of thee, self-banished, 
Through dreary oceans, through primeval forests, 
Each step a struggle for their life or death; 
Then came the day when work bore fruit, 
And worship, love, and sacrifice, 
Fulfilled, accepted, and complete. 
Then thou, propitious, rose to shed 
The light of Freedom on mankind. 

Move on, O Lord, in thy resistless path! 
Till thy high noon o’erspreads the world. 
Till every land reflects thy light, 
Till men and women, with uplifted head, 
Behold their shackles broken, and 
Know, in springing joy, their life renewed!

[It is well known that Swami Vivekananda’s death (or resurrection, as some of us would prefer to call it!) took place on the 4th of July, 1902. On the 4th of July, 1898, he was travelling with some American disciples in Kashmir, and as part of a domestic conspiracy for the celebration of the day — the anniversary of the American Declaration of Independence — he prepared the following poem, to be read aloud at the early breakfast. The poem itself fell to the keeping of Dhirâ Mâtâ.]

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Subhash Vasudev
October 29, 2018 Reply

It’s a wonderful poem…..a wonderful prayer …….appreciating greatness of the Lord…..who is everywhere ,all pervading and all knowing .

July 9, 2018 Reply

Thanks for bringing out this wonderful piece from Swamiji. I had not read it before. I am overwhelmed.

Ashok Sahu
July 4, 2018 Reply

As a student, I had read this poem published in SPAN, a magazine published by USID, in India. Now I realise that Swami ji had the premonition many years before 1902 that it would coincide with his last day on earth.

Swami Swatmananda-Narmada valley.
July 4, 2018 Reply

Such a genius mother India had brought forth having multifaceted personality for youth to inculcate but alas;how many are readyto follow him to rejuvenate India.

July 4, 2018 Reply

A very beautiful and uplifting poem, can only be written by someone like Swamiji.

[…] Click here to read the poem […]

Shashiprabha Sinha.
July 4, 2018 Reply

Swami Jee was a great miracle of practical life.What he did was a practical lesson for everyone of us.

July 1, 2018 Reply

How splendid! Remarkable prose from a spiritual genius whose significant imprint on America and the world remains largely a secret. “The Gift Unopened”, a book authored by Eleanor Stark is worthy of reading.

July 5, 2017 Reply


Varun Malhotra
July 5, 2017 Reply


N V Subbaraman
July 3, 2017 Reply

Vivekananda a poet! Great! I hve never heard I am a fool.l

July 4, 2016 Reply

it is coincidence to write a poem and pass away on the same day..swamiji lives ever

July 4, 2015 Reply

I am proud to be say that Swami Vivekananda is an Indian

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