125th Anniversary of Ramakrishna Mission: Almora, April – May 2023

Ramakrishna Kutir, Almora organised various seminars, Shastra classes, Spiritual retreats, and Parikrama during April and May 2023 commemorating the completion of the 125th year of Swami Vivekananda’s return from Chicago and 125th Anniversary of Ramakrishna Mission.

As a part of the celebration, three seminars were organised as below in Almora for the students of high school, college and university at large from 10th to 12th April ‘23.

The objective of the seminars was to create awareness among the students regarding the changes and opportunities that are emerging in this highly dynamic and exponential job market.

The recent pandemic has also made employers as well as employees think differently and look for avenues and opportunities to enable people to attend to duties online and may not require going to an office to carry out their job.

The three different schools and colleges that hosted the seminars are Army Public School, Almora (10th April), Sharada Public School, Almora (11th April) & Soban Singh Jeena University, Almora (12th April).

Name of the Institute Location Participants Facilitator & Faculty Members
Army School, Almora School Auditorium 50 Mr. Joshi
Sharada Public School, Almora School Hall 201 Mrs. Vineeta
Soban Singh Jeena University, Almora Shivananda Hall, Ramakrishna Kutir, Almora 50 Dr Sangeeta Pawar &     Dr. Manoj Kumar Arya

The seminars emphasised future career opportunities, during the next decade or two. It focussed on unfolding the industrial and infrastructural space in our country that would spawn new types of employment. Also, the new digital evolution in the employment arena was explained to them through a story-like narration. These were supplemented by some bite-size suggestions on self-development and snippets from the life of Swami Vivekananda and his specific guidance on success.

Prof. Mihir Kanti Das conducted these sessions from Dehradun, who has three decades of industry and a decade of academic experience in Management and Technical training. He is also a devotee of Ramakrishna Mission.

The highlights of the sessions are the intensive interaction by the students especially during the Q&A session.  Very warm feedback was given by all the participants.

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