125th Anniversary of Ramakrishna Mission: Dublin, Ireland

Ramakrishna Vedanta Centre Dublin celebrated the 125th Ramakrishna Mission Foundation Day on 01 May 2022. Swami Sarvasthananda ji,  and  Swami Sunirmalananda ji were guest speakers, and delivered talks on “Ramakrishna Mission’s Contribution to the West” and “Be an admirer of Sri Ramakrishna”.

Swami Shantivratananda gave an introductory speech on the history of the foundation of the Ramakrishna Mission and the early days of RKM monks and the Mission activities. Mr Kieran Dennison, Councillor, Mr Michael O Sullivan, and Mr Pat Raeligh, Pastor, Columbian Missionary, Dublin, participated in the programme and also spoke on this occasion. Classical dance was performed by Mayuri Dance Academy. Three devotees shared their experience of the association with RKM and the Dublin centre. Around 45 people participated in person at Nivedita House and partook prasad. 45 participated online. There was a special bhajan session after the evening arati.

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