A Brief Report of Recent Relief Services as on 01 August 2018


Tripura: In response to heavy rainfall and the resultant flooding of various parts of the Unakoti district in June, Kailashahar centre distributed 800 kg rice, 37 kg dal, 2550 kg chira (flattened rice), 175 kg salt, 330 kg sugar, 214 kg milk powder, 848 packets of biscuits, 1330 sets of utensils (each set containing a cooking pot with cover, a ladle, a bucket and a mug), 3000 saris, 2000 dhotis, 1727 notebooks, 576 bars of soap, 2414 litres of water and 320 packets of candles among 2986 flood-affected families from 14 June to 13 July.


  • Chennai Mission Ashrama centre distributed 21,700 of buttermilk from 1 to 31 May.
  • Puri Mission centre distributed 3000 litres of lemonade from 1 April to 31 May.


The following centres distributed, under self-employment programme, various items shown in brackets, to poor and needy people in their respective areas: Chengalpattu (1 sewing machine on 20 July), Guwahati (2 sewing machines on 20 July) and Taki (114 fishing nets from 25 to 27 June).


(i) To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 8 of our centres in different parts of the country have distributed 1802 shirts, 361 T-shirts, 1211 trousers, 736 ladies’ shirts 324 ladies T-shirts, 25 school bags, 40 bedsheets, 1450 notebooks, 25 umbrella, 27 mats and 1 lakh halogen tablets among poor and needy people during the month of June.

(ii) In the current year (2018-19), new adult garments donated to us by ITC Ltd. were distributed among the poor and needy under the Garments Distribution Programme. ITC Ltd. has so far donated nearly 98,525 garments (52,800 shirts/T-shirts and 45,725 trousers) to 29 of our branch centres. Distribution is underway.


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