A Brief Report of Recent Relief Services as on 1 May 2018


Fiji: Heavy rains caused by a tropical cyclone on 1 April, resulted in flooding of most of the low-lying areas in and around Nadi. Even the campus of our Sarada Medical Centre was inundated by flood waters. Our Fiji centre conducted primary relief in the affected areas by distributing 2192 kg rice, 1685 kg dal, 1990 kg flour, 1095 fish cans, 274 litres of cooking oil, 846 kg sugar, 548 kg salt, 55 kg tea leaves, 30 kg turmeric, 1989 packets of biscuits, 1000 T-shirts, 250 tops, 500 shorts, 219 kg washing powder, 250 bars of bathing soap and 250 mosquito-coils among 663 flood-affected families from 2 to 19 April. Moreover, medical assistance was provided to about 250 flood-affected patients.


(i) To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 17 of our centres in different parts of the country have distributed 650 dhotis, 9523 shirts/T-shirts, 10,227 trousers, 784 saris, 4535 tops, 3573 leggings, 470 other ladies’ garments, 40 children’s garments, 7367 belts/wallets, 4897 pairs of shoes, 648 school bags, 1000 kg rice, 100 kg dal, 100 litres of edible oil and 100 kg salt among poor and needy people during the month of April.


(ii) In the current year (2017-18), new adult garments donated to us by ITC Ltd. were distributed among the poor and needy under the Garments Distribution Programme. ITC Ltd. has donated nearly 4.17 lakh garments and 0.65 lakh other items (2,59,132 shirts/T-shirts, 1,58,172 trousers, 41,393 belts/wallets, 941 school bags, 1000 pairs of socks and 11,262 shoes) to 87 of our branch centres. Distribution is underway.


The following centres distributed necessary items to poor and needy people:

(a) Chandipur: 2 sewing machines on 24 March.

(b) Taki: 12 rickshaw vans on 11 April.


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