A Brief Report on Covid-19 Pandemic Relief Services as on 12 May 2021

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak has been described by many as a vast human tragedy; even the dastardly horror of the Second World War pales into insignificance before this deadly disease. It is a blot on humanity – a threat before the human civilization; perhaps the fiercest black angel during the last one hundred years. Every section of the society is equally affected whether they are rich or poor.

Last year we mainly provided dry rations and served cooked food to the poorest of the poor who were affected by the lockdown imposed by the government. This year the need of the hour is medical relief and so our hospitals at Kankhal, Lucknow, Kolkata, Thiruvananthapuram, Varanasi and Vrindaban are catering to patients affected by the COVID 2nd wave. Many of our hostel buildings and guest houses have been converted to temporary COVID care centres or safe homes. We are also providing accommodation to COVID Warriors like doctors and paramedical staff through many of our centres. Tele-medicine facility is also provided to patients through some of our centres. Our centres at Dehradun, Itanagar, Mumbai, Narainpur are functioning as designated COVID vaccination and diagnostic centres. A dedicated COVID care centre and RT-PCR diagnostic centre is going to be opened at Saradapitha very soon.

We are conducting awareness camps to spread COVID appropriate behaviour among the common mass. We are serving cooked food to patients in home isolation and to the relatives of patients admitted in other hospitals. We are also providing dry ration items, and personal protective materials to the needy people.

Spiritual counselling through online classes is being provided through many of our centres. We are also rendering COVID relief services in Bangladesh, South Africa and other countries.

The relief work has only been possible on account of the kind donations made by thousands of common men and a few large-hearted corporates. We are grateful to them for their continued support for our relief services.

Covid- 19 Relief Services 2021 Report

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