Activities : Service in Rural and Tribal Areas : 2016-17

Rural and tribal welfare work is accomplished in three ways:

    • through our centres located in rural and tribal areas;
    • through our urban centres which have taken up development projects in rural and tribal areas; and
    • Through our educational and medical institutions in semi-urban areas, where rural people form a significant percentage of the beneficiaries.

The Math and the Mission spent a sum of Rs. 70.26 crore for rural and tribal development work, apart from the huge expenditure incurred by the educational and medical institutions located in rural and tribal areas.

Rural Development Service 

In the year under review, the following services were provided by the Math and the Mission in rural and tribal areas:


Medical Services

In the year under review, the Math and Mission had the following medical units in rural and tribal areas:


Educational Services 

In the year under review, the Math and Mission had the following educational institutions in rural and tribal areas:


Details of various vocational courses conducted are given below:


Cultural Programmes


The centres in Aalo, Agartala, Antpur, Bankura, Chapra, Coimbatore (Mission), Hatamuniguda (Odisha), Ichapur, Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Kalady, Malliankaranai (Tamil Nadu), Manasadwip (West Bengal), Naora (West Bengal), Narainpur (Chhattisgarh), Narottam Nagar, Nattarampalli, Ramharipur, Sargachhi, Sarisha, Shivanahalli (Bengaluru), Sohra, Thrissur, etc, directly catered to the needs of rural and tribal folk in a big way, and a number of rural units were run by the centres at Belur (Saradapitha), Contai, Narendrapur, Ranchi (Morabadi), etc. Of these, special mention may be made of the numerous village units functioning for educating the hill tribes in Meghalaya, various village development programmes conducted by Narendrapur (Kolkata) centre, as well as the agricultural training and development centre in Ranchi, specially meant for people belonging to the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes. The tribal development project of our centre at Narainpur (Abujhmarh, Bastar District) has made a significant contribution towards the all-round development of the local tribes. Our educational, medical and cultural activities in Arunachal Pradesh have proved to be very useful and popular.


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