125th Anniversary Of Ramakrishna Mission: Hatamuniguda, November 2022

Ramakrishna Mission, Hatamuniguda observed the 125th Anniversary of the foundation of the Ramakrishna Mission on 27 November 2022. Swami Sandarshanananda ji, Swami Aryananda ji and Dr Shashank Grahacharjya, Director, Centre of Excellence for Result Based Management and Social Innovation, Bhubaneswar attended the programme as special guests and in their speech discussed the 125 years’ journey of Ramakrishna Mission. Shri Manas Madhi, a student of our school, also spoke in the programme.

The Proceedings of the first two meetings of the Ramakrishna Mission Association held on 1st and 5th May 1897 were read out. The programme included opening and closing songs, presented by our students. The Secretary welcomed the guests and the audience and introduced the topic. In the evening a documentary “Blooming Lotus of Humanity -125 Years of Ramakrishna Mission” dubbed in Odia language was screened. About 750 people attended the programme.

125th Anniversary of Ramakrishna MissionHatamuniguda