COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services By Ramakrishna Math, Coimbatore

Ramakrishna Math, Coimbatore, is continuing the relief services for the affected persons due to the lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic.

Coimbatore Math has served 3000 plates of cooked food among 90 municipality Sanitary workers from 20 April 2020 to 30 April 2020.

From 16 April to 19 April 2020, the ashrama has distributed total of 800 Dry Ration kits to 23 villages (20 Tribal Villages + 3 Villages) under 24 Veerapandi Panchayat in Anaikatti Taluk and parts of Kavundampalayam of Coimbatore Dt. covering a total  800 families.

The each ration kit conatins : Rice 7kg, Dal 2.5 kg, cooking oil 1 ltr, sugar 1 kg, salt 1 kg, tamarind 500 gm, turmeric powder, chilly powder and coriander powder packets.

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The ashrama is distributing cooked food for 150 local Municipality Sanitary Workers daily, and also serving tea and biscuits to 50 police who are taking care of Law & Order situation in our surrounding area.


Ramakrishna Math, Coimbatore has started COVID-19 pandemic relief services. The Ashrama is serving meals to Sanitation workers (both Men & Women) of the Municipal Corporation.

29 March 2020

In addition to serving meals to 100 sanitation workers, the Ashrama has started serving of Tea and Biscuits to Police personals on duty, who are taking care of Law & Order situation in the surrounding Areas. 40 police personnel were served hot tea and Biscuits.


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