Cyclone Relief : Manasadwip

Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Manasadwip started a shelter for local people where 230 people including men, women and children took shelter. Cooked food (Khichudi) was served to elder and milk to the children.

The cyclone Bulbul hit the southern part of Sagar Island severely on 09 Nov 2019 at around 5.30 pm and it continued to be stronger till 8.30 pm and slowly became weak and left this island at about 2.30 midnight. The speed was 92 – 132 km per hour. It devastated the whole island especially the southern part of Sagar island, Namkhana, Bakkhali, Frezerganj, G-Plot etc

Cyclone BulbulCyclone ReliefManasadwip