Distress Relief: Fiji, July – August 2022

Ramakrishna Mission, Fiji distributed the following items to the poor and needy: 5 Hospital beds with mattresses, 6 Dual Crutches, 6 Elbow Crutches, five cartons of Eyeglasses (1000 numbers), 200 assorted clothes and 61 Diaper Packs (1436 numbers) in and around Nadi District, Western Fiji, from 01 July to 22 August 2022.

The centre provided 19 Large tables, 5 School desks, 24 Chairs, 150 T. Shirts, 150 shorts, and 1080 KN 95 facemasks to the four primary schools and one Higher secondary school in Nadi Subdivision, Western Fiji, in July 2022.

The centre distributed 20 Grocery packs to 20 poor and needy families in and around Nadi District, Western Fiji, in July 2022. (7.5kg Biscuits, 20kg Split Pea, 40kg Rice, 15 litres cooking oil, 2kg Tea leaves, 40kg Flour, 6kg Milk powder, and 10kg washing powder.)

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