Distribution of Ration Kits: Thanjavur

Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur

Ramakrishna Math Thanjavur started the covid-19 pandemic relief services on 08 May 2021.

COVID-19 Relief Services in June 2021

19 June 2021: Sri Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed provision kits to Rural Temple Pujaris and poverty-stricken young mothers selling flowers. Total Beneficiaries: 557.

Time Places Priests Flower Selling Women
10.30 am Thiruvaiyaru Union,

Ammanpet Ashramam

95 05
12.00 noon Papanasam Union,

Kaliamman Temple

40 15
01.00 pm Purasaikudi Kalahastheeswarar 121 41
03.00 pm Kumbakonam Union 67 03
04.00 pm Melacauvery,

Jyoti Mahamariamman Temple

108 37
06.00 pm Sri Ramakrishna Temple,


Workers Drivers
18 07
Total Beneficiaries 557

The Thanjavur centre also distributed provision kits at the village centre. The following people received grocery kits.

Washer men 25
Crematory workers 05
Physically challenged people 12
Pujaris 02
Flower female vendors 40
Total 84

17 June 2021: The Thanjavur centre distributed grocery kits to 1100 persons in the following places with the support of Sri Ramakrishna Math, Chennai.

Time Places Beneficiaries
09.00 am Thiruvarur Nadaswara Musicians 100
Folk Dancers 125
Rural Temple Priests 165
10.30 am Thiruvarur Municipal Cleaners

(Mostly Women)

12.30 pm Thiruthuraipoondi Rural Temple Priests & Bhattacharis 190
03.30 pm Nagapattinam Rural Temple Priests & Bhattachariyas 150
05.00 pm Mayiladuthurai Village Temple Priests & Bhattachariyas 145

At Kanyakumari district:

We distributed grocery kits to Hindu religious teachers and students in the Kanyakumari district with the help of Vivekananda ashram, Vellimalai. Totally 601 poor beneficiaries received the relief material.

S. No Places Beneficiaries S. No Places Beneficiaries
1 Thiruvattar 70 8 Kumarapuram Thoppur 10
2 Kurundangodu 63 9 Andivilai 20
3 Rajakamangalam 51 10 Vellimalai 39
4 Munsirai 70 11 Nagercoil 50
5 Kattupudur 10 12 Takkali 70
6 Isantimangalam 25 13 Melpuram 20
7 Eirachakulam 33 14 Killiyur 70

13 June 2021: Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed grocery kits to 100 poor weavers, 35 Social Workers working for covid patients and 60 Private Jobless Photographers

12 June 2021: Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed grocery kits to 18 Folk Artist – Vocal, 49 Karakattam – Cultural Dance Troupe, 57 Stage Dancers, 14Karagattam Female Artists and 54Village Folk artists.

11 June 2021: Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed grocery kits to 700 teachers (including school nurses) working in the lowest income group in 75 private nursery, primary and matriculation schools.

The service activity was inaugurated by the Hon’ble Minister of School Education, Mr Anbil Mahesh Poyyamozhi.

The ashrama also distributed grocery kits to 78 destitute people belonging to the Gypsy community of Pudukudi village near Thanjavur.

08 June 2021: Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed grocery kits to 148 low-paid teachers of 20 private schools.

The centre distributed grocery kits to 50 poor people. Dr Kalaimakal, Naturopathist gave tips to the people on health and how to increase immunity power.

07 June 2021: Ramakrishna Math, Thanjavur distributed grocery kits to 82 low-paid teachers of 11 private schools.

5 June 2021: The Thanjavur centre distributed ration kits to van and taxi drivers, auto drivers and maidservants.  Sri. Deshmukh Shekhar Sanjay, I.P.S., Superintendent of Police of Thanjavur district participated in this function. Total 203 families get benefitted.

3 June 2021: As a part of Corona Pandemic Relief, there is a crying need for nutritious food for the children whose parents are daily labourers, and are now mostly in home quarantine in Vedaranyam, Nagapattinam district, in Tamil Nadu. Our Thanjavur centre served 100 children the following items for their nutrion:

1. Health Mix 1 Kg : 3 boxes, 2. Red Chickpeas 1Kg, 3. Jaggery Powder 1Kg, 4. Milk Powder 500 gm, 5. Dates 500 gm, 6. Honey 100 ml, 7. Pepper 100 gm, 8. Raisin 100 gm, 9. Clove 20 gm, 10. Vermicelli 150 gm, 11. Turmeric Powder 100 gm, 12. Biscuits 100g, 13. Kabasura Powder 25g, 14. Fruits – 6 pieces, (Apple 1, Pomegranate -1, Orange -2, Red Plantain – 2)

The district collector of Nagapattinam inaugurated this service at the collectorate.

COVID-19 Relief Services in May 2021

30 May 2021: The Thanjavur Ashrama identified 800 private Primary and Nursery Schools underpaid teachers from villages and towns in the revenue district of Thanjavur. The Ashrama distributed grocery kits to these teachers. The Honorable Minister for School Education of Tamil Nadu Sri. Anbil. Mahesh Poyyamozhi attended the function held at Thanjavur Medical College. The Chief Whip of the Tamilnadu government, the two Members of Legislative Councils of Thanjavur and Thiruvaiyaru and the District Collector of Thanjavur participated in the function.

21 & 22 May 2021: The Ashrama distributed the 77 provisions kits at our village centre Mariamman temple. Pot makers – 12, Clean workers – 6, Auto drivers – 42 and Daily labourers – 17.

19 & 20 May 2021: The Ashrama distributed provisions kits for the following people.Two-wheeler mechanics – 123 nos, Press reporters and photographers – 27 nos, Thanjavur head-shaking doll makers – 35 nos, Auto drivers – 25 nos, Private school, teachers – 41 nos and Servers in Hotel – 20.

12 May 2021: As a part of the Covid-19 pandemic relief service for the folk artists in and around south Tamil Nadu, the Thanjavur Ashrama distributed grocery kits to 300 families, who mainly belong to SC / ST communities. Photos

11 May 2021: The Ashrama distributed groceries to around 200 families in the Ariyalur district.  Since all the beneficiaries are folk artists, they accepted the grocery kits after rendering a traditional performance. The artists were elated to perform after a year of empty schedules.

08 – 15 May 2021: The centre has distributed ration kits to 1800 families from 8 – 15 May 2021.

08 May 2021: The Ashrama distributed grocery kits to poor families of folk artists and artists performing in the temples from Thanjavur, Thiruvarur, Mayiladuthurai, Nagapattinam and Ariyalur districts. 1800 people get benefitted. In addition to the groceries, the Ashrama also gave laminated pictures of the Holy Trio and a book of Swamiji.

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