Free Cancer Detection And Awareness Camp : Porbandar

Ramakrishna Mission, Porbandar

A free Cancer detection and awareness camp was organized at Ramakrishna Mission, Porbandar in collaboration with Rotary Club of Porbandar, Jain Social Group, Indian Medical Association and M.P.Shah Cancer Hospital Ahmedabad on  17 February 2019, Sunday.

69 patients registered their names. (46F, 23M) in the camp. Out of 46 female patients 2 were diagnosed for cancer through Mammography and 2 for Pap smear (Gynec. terminology). Out of 23 Male patients 6 were referred to GCRI.. They will be followed up regularly by M.P.Shah Cancer hospital Ahmedabad. Many renowned doctors and dignitaries of Porbandar gave their honorary service. It was second time ever in Porbandar and was welcomed by the citizens.

Medical CampPorbandar