New Oxygen Plant in Ramakrishna Mission Lucknow

Ramakrishna Mission Lucknow operating a 71 bedded ward comprising 15 L3, 35 L2 & 21 L1 beds for treatment of covid patients in the Ashrama’s hospital. Subsequently, the number of beds was increased to 93 for treatment of a greater number of critically ill covid patients who require continuous oxygen support.

The Ashrama has an oxygen plant generating 175 jumbo cylinders per day yet the present requirement is much more than the oxygen plant’s capacity, so the shortfall is made by refilling oxygen cylinders from the local vendors. As there is an acute shortage of oxygen supply all over the city, the Ashram has augmented our oxygen supply with another oxygen plant with the capacity of generating 125 cylinders per 24 hours, thus giving a total supply of 300 cylinders per day. The plant was inaugurated on 01 May 2021 on the occasion of the 125th Foundation Day of the Ramakrishna Mission.

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