Relief and Rehabilitation 2015-16 : A Comprehensive Report

A Comprehensive Annual Report of


(April 2015 to 31st March 2016)

The Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission have been rendering relief and rehabilitation services to the victims of natural and man-made disasters for more than a century. This comprehensive annual report coversThe Ramakrishna Math & Ramakrishna Mission have been rendering relief and rehabilitation services to the victims of natural and man-made disasters for more than a century. This comprehensive annual report covers such services rendered by the Math and Mission in the financial year 2015-16. The total expenditure incurred for the relief activities during this period was nearly Rs. 35.04 crores (Indian Rupees 350 million). such services rendered by the Math and Mission in the financial year 2015-16. The total expenditure incurred for the relief activities during this period was nearly Rs. 35.04 crores (Indian Rupees 350 million).


(i) Gujarat: Flash floods in Amreli district caused severe waterlogging in many areas. Rajkot centre distributed 2087 educational kits (each kit containing a school bag, a slate, a pencil box, a geometry box, a few notebooks, etc) among 2087 affected students of 13 schools in 11 villages of the district.

(ii) Manipur: Heavy rainfall in a major portion of Manipur led to floods in Thoubal district, affecting hundreds of families. Our Imphal centre distributed 14,646 kg rice, 1190 kg dal (lentils), 1545 kg salt and 772 litres of edible oil among 1815 affected families of Nungoo, Tangjeng Khunjao, Khongyam, Wangoo and Chairel villages from 8 to 18 August. Moreover, medical camps were conducted on 8 and 11 August in which 750 flood-affected patients were treated.


(iii) West Bengal: Following heavy rainfall and severe water inundation a major portion of West Bengal was struck by floods affecting thousands of families. Ramakrishna Mission conducted extensive primary relief service through its Antpur, Belgharia, Chandipur, Contai, Gourhati, Ichapur, Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Sargachhi, Naora, Narendrapur, Rahara, Saradapitha, Sikra Kulingram and Tamluk centres by serving cooked food to 58,501 affected people and distributing 1,00,415 kg chira (rice flakes), 9225 kg sugar, 28,183 kg rice, 3804 kg dal, 1658 kg soybean, 6590 kg potato, 100 kg salt, 7063 kg milk powder, 30,251 packets of biscuits, 2500 loaves of bread, 4850 ORS packets, 5387 saris, 2506 dhotis, 450 lungis, 6688 assorted garments, 605 blankets, 1152 kg bleaching powder, 4268 tarpaulins, 3.57 lakh halogen tablets, etc. among 55,285 families belonging to 641 villages in 10 districts of the state from 16 July to 4 December. Moreover, medical assistance was provided to 1206 flood-affected patients in this period.


(iv) Tamil Nadu: Torrential rains in many parts of Tamil Nadu in November and December caused severe inundation in several areas of the state in which lakhs of families were affected. Monastic members, assisted by teams of dedicated volunteers, of our Chennai Math, Chennai Students’ Home, Chennai Mission Ashrama, Chengalpattu, Coimbatore Math, Kanchipuram, Madurai, Malliankaranai and Nattarampalli centres conducted extensive primary relief work by serving 81,416 packets of cooked food and distributing 1,71,245 kg rice, 10,851 kg flour, 41,968 loaves of bread, 32,663 kg dal, 375 kg soybeans, 7205 kg vegetables, 18,576 kg edible oil, 8345 kg assorted spices, 13,640 kg salt, 21,803 kg sugar, 3565 packets of pickles, 57,770 packets of biscuits, 8867 litres of milk, 5144 kg milk powder, 1010 kg Horlicks, 29,246 litres of drinking water, 5000 bananas, 7077 packets of mosquito-repellent coils, 21,000 matchboxes, 22,706 mats, 12,306 blankets, 26,727 bed-sheets, 24,040 saris, 3088 dhotis, 19,180 lungis, 14,310 towels, 36,057 assorted garments, 1000 mosquito nets, 3256 bars of bathing soap, 1562 bars of washing soap, 302 kg washing powder, 1309 toothpastes, 1678 toothbrush, 3428 buckets, 2812 mugs, 23,257 plates, 20,630 tumblers, 10,617 cooking vessels, 1773 pots, 16,452 spoons, 4060 stoves, 300 solar lamps, 1803 plastic sheets, etc. among nearly 40,000 families in various parts of Chennai city as well as in 378 villages of Chengalpattu, Cuddalore, Kanchipuram and Thiruvallur districts from 14 November 2015 to 12 January 2016. Moreover, medical assistance was provided to 12,693 flood-affected patients in this period.



Nepal and India: In the wake of the devastating earthquake which struck a major portion of Nepal and some parts of India on 25 April, our Kathmandu centre in Nepal and Darjeeling, Lucknow and Patna centres in India conducted primary relief by serving cooked food to 750 people and distributing 31,000 kg chira, 2500 kg bhujia (fritters), 64,000 kg rice, 17,000 kg dal, 5000 kg soybeans, 1109 kg potatoes, 800 kg edible oil, 3250 kg sugar, 6700 kg salt, 10,000 packets of assorted spices, 1250 kg tea, 5279 kg milk powder, 590 ORS packets, 27,212 packets of biscuits, 4200 litres of drinking water, 5600 packets of candles, 5600 packets of matchboxes, 4600 saris, 10,912 assorted garments, 23,460 blankets, 5000 foam sheets, 3607 plastic sheets, 400 towels, 2564 mattresses, 2000 mosquito nets, 10,000 bathing soaps, 10,000 washing soaps, 20,000 toothpaste, 20,000 toothbrush, 5000 first-aid kits, 12,895 sets of utensils, 15,844 tarpaulins, etc. among 26,598 families in 12 districts of Nepal and 2 districts in India from 27 April to 23 March. Moreover, medical assistance was provided to 3417 patients in this period.



West Bengal: Owing to heavy rains, a series of devastating landslides took place in some parts of Darjeeling district on 1 July, causing severe loss to life and property. Darjeeling centre distributed 202 packets of Horlicks, 400 packets of biscuits, 184 packets of baby food, 1000 shawls, 200 bars of soap, 400 mattresses, 400 mosquito-nets, 200 solar lanterns, 200 umbrellas, 4 sets of agricultural sprayers, 140 notebooks, 350 stationery items, etc. among 200 affected families who had taken shelter in 4 relief camps set up in Mirik, a hill station located near Siliguri.


(i) Assam: Guwahati centre distributed, on 6 February, 34 saris, 15 dhotis, 32 blankets, 64 plates, 64 bowls and 32 tumblers among 10 families affected by an accidental fire at Maligaon locality in Guwahati. On 23 June, Silchar centre distributed 116 dhotis, 137 saris, 162 plates, 164 tumblers, 655 packets of biscuits and 170 packets of candles among 85 families of Karatigram (Rangpur) village in Silchar circle of Cachar district; and on 8 February, 18 saris, 13 blankets, 13 mosquito-nets, 27 plates, 27 tumblers, 7 kg milk powder and 27 packets of biscuits among 13 families whose houses had been destroyed in a fire at Ashrama Road in Silchar town.

(ii) Jammu and Kashmir: Srinagar centre distributed 75 kg rice, 21 kg dal, 21 kg soybeans, 14 litres edible oil, 7 kg salt, 7 utensil sets (each set containing 4 plates, 4 bowls, 4 spoons, 4 tumblers, 3 cooking vessels, 2 ladles, a bucket and a mug) and 7 sets of toiletries (each set containing a toothpaste tube, 4 toothbrushes, a bathing soap and a packet of washing powder) among 7 families at Bodu Bagh (Khanyar Square) in Srinagar on 7 June.



(i) India:

(a) Andhra Pradesh: Visakhapatnam centre continued relief operations among the victims of Hudhud Cyclone by distributing 3300 solar lanterns from 7 to 24 June to 3300 families in 67 remote villages of Visakhapatnam and Vizianagaram districts. (b) West Bengal: Barasat centre distributed 320 saris, 320 tarpaulins, 318 umbrellas, 320 bed-sheets and 320 utensil-sets from 31 July to 6 August among 320 affected families living in temporary relief camps in Ashoknagar and Habra municipality in North 24 Parganas district. Contai centre distributed 808 kg chira, 189 kg sugar and 596 packets of biscuits among 135 families at Bhagawanpur-2 and Etaberia blocks in Purba Medinipur district on 6 August.

(ii) Abroad :

Fiji: In the wake of the devastating cyclone ‘Winston’ which has struck the Republic of Fiji, in South Pacific, our local centre has initiated extensive relief work in the affected areas. Since 25 February, Fiji centre has started providing free medical services through its medical centres in Nadi and Suva through which 513 patients have received medical attention till now. Moreover, the centre has so far distributed 4960 packets of agricultural seeds (10 varieties) among affected farmers in Ba and Tavua areas and 100 packets of food ration [each packet containing 2 kg rice, 1 kg dal and 1 kg salt] and various assorted clothing among distressed households in Ba area of Fiji.



Uttar Pradesh: A strong hailstorm struck Vrindaban and its surrounding villages on 5 April, destroying crops and damaging houses. Our Vrindaban centre distributed 16,410 kg rice, 34,225 kg flour, 2735 kg dal, 1094 kg edible oil, 547 kg sugar, 1094 kg salt and 841 corrugated tin-sheets among 708 families from 19 April to 2 May.



Bangladesh: In the month of February, Dhaka centre, with the help of our Dinajpur centre, distributed 100 saris, and an equal number of dhotis, buckets, plates, tumblers, bowls, jugs and blankets to 100 families affected by disturbance in Habibpur village of Dinajpur district. Besides, along with our Barisal centre, the Dhaka centre distributed 800 kg rice, 160 kg dal, 16 kg salt, 80 litres of edible oil, 16 dhotis and 16 saris among 16 affected families in Barguna area of Barisal district in the month of April.


Buttermilk was served by our Chennai Math centre to about 10,000 people and by our Salem centre to 9277 people during the summer months.


In 2015–16, a total of 88,304 blankets and 8554 winter garments were distributed through 97 branch centres among the poor people affected by severe cold, flood, fire, etc.



West Bengal: As in previous years this year also, Seva Pratishthan centre organized a round-the-clock medical relief camp during Makar Sankranti Mela at Sagar Island in South 24-Parganas district from 10 to 15 January 2016. In all 5419 patients were treated, out of which 55 received indoor medical-care. Besides, 150 blankets were distributed among the poor pilgrims and monks. Moreover, the Headquarters distributed 450 blankets to the monks and mendicants of the Makar Sankranti Mela who visited Belur Math on their way to Gangasagar.


The following centres distributed essential goods among needy people: (a) Antpur: 106 sets of dhadda (weaving accessories), 91 sewing machines, 16 rickshaw vans from 5 October to 9 February; (b) Chandipur: 18 sewing machines on 25 March, 28 June and 14 February; (c) Coimbatore Mission: 10 calves and 300 saplings; (d) Jammu: 10 sewing machines on 31 December; (e) Khetri: 84 sewing machines on 1 January; (f) Puri Mission: 2 carts to fruit vendors on 18 June; (g) Rahara (Kolkata): 2 sewing machines, 3 cycle-rickshaws and 1 rickshaw van on 1 January; (h) Mymensingh (Bangladesh): 6 cows on 11 March.



(i) India:

(a) Andhra Pradesh: A multipurpose building constructed by Visakhapatnam centre at Valabu village of Devarapalli Mandal was inaugurated on 6 January 2016. The building will house a non-formal education centre and will also be used for conducting medical camps, tailoring classes and other purposes. Moreover, the centre has undertaken a water supply project wherein nearly 10,000 metres of pipeline will be laid in 10 villages of Vijayanagaram and Visakhapatnam districts to facilitate the supply of clean drinking water from a faraway source.

(b) Tamil Nadu: Chennai Math centre has undertaken the construction of new low-cost houses in Meyyur village (Panrutti Taluk) of Cuddalore district for 60 poor families whose dwellings were destroyed in the recent floods. The centre is also planning the construction of a Community Hall. Construction work in underway. Chennai Students’ Home centre has undertaken the construction work of 19 new residential units and 13 additional toilet units along with a Community Hall for Irula tribals settled in Thathaimanji village in Thiruvallur district. Construction work in underway. Coimbatore Math has distributed various building materials to 6 poor families in Ponneri taluk of Thiruvallur district whose huts were washed away in the recent floods.

(c) Uttarakhand: The new 3-storied Girls’ Hostel building and the new 3-storied Post-Graduate block at the Annusuya Prasad Bahuguna Govt. Post Graduate College in Agastyamuni, Uttarakhand, constructed by the Headquarters, through our Dehradun centre, was inaugurated on 16 March 2016.

(ii) Abroad :

Nepal: Our Kathmandu centre distributed 5000 bamboos under ‘Build Your Own House’ scheme to 82 families from 4 to 12 February 2016. Galvanized tin sheets will also be provided to the affected families in due course.



In the year 2015-16, 91 of our branch centres distributed the following items to poor and needy people in their respective areas:

22,961 saris, 6058 dhotis, 550 lungis, 1,69,719 shirts, 1,26,275 trousers, 3793 blazers/coats, 32,984 sweaters, 14,391 sweatshirts, 19,540 jackets, 3083 suits, 38,831 t-shirts, 10,783 assorted garments, 1963 school uniforms, 1754 children’s garments, 37,462 ladies tops, 641 chaddars, 176 vests, 414 pairs of shoes, 150 socks, 252 bed sheets, 908 mosquito nets, 3010 kg rice, 2750 kg flour, 575 kg dal, 287 kg sugar, 700 kg salt, 575 kg edible oil, 100 kg potato, 520 packets of biscuits, 90 kg milk powder, 500 kg nutritional drink powder, 45 kg tea, 1121 phials of hair oil, 1190 sachets of shampoo, 1148 bars of soap, 666 bars of washing soap, 102 kg washing powder, 618 tubes of toothpaste, 176 toothbrush, 80 pots, 15,984 erasers, 2705 geometry boxes, 6542 pens, 16,984 pencils, 15,526 pencil sharpeners, 396 scales, 110 slates, 5771 textbooks, 76,208 notebooks, 276 distas of exercise paper, 20 tarpaulins, 300 solar lanterns, 40 bicycles, 2 hand-driven tricycles, etc.


We express our sincere gratitude to all the volunteers and devotees for their painstaking hard work in these relief activities. We also extend our cordial thanks to all the donors, benevolent organizations, government officials and others for their participation and cooperation in this noble endeavour.

May the blessings of the Lord shower upon all!

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