Values Education : Bagda

Ramakrishna Math, Bagda conducted the 2nd phase of Value Education Programmes, 2018-19 from 06 Sep 2019 to 26 Sep 2019 in the schools under different Blocks of Purulia District.

The participating schools were :

Gopalnagar A.T. High School, Block : Manbazar-I

Manbazar Girls’ High School, Block : Manbazar-I

Kumari High School, Block : Manbazar-II

Majhihira Ashram Vidyalaya, Block : Manbazar-I

Manbazar Radha Madhab Institution, Block : Manbazar-I

Chandra High School, Block : Manbazar-I

Mahatma Gandhi High School, Block : Hura

Swapan Subrata High School, Block : Manbazar-I

Rajnowagarh D.P.M. High School, Block : Puncha

Bagda C.K Vidyapith High School, Block : Puncha

Hura High School, Block : Hura

The total participants were 2205, 1085 boys, 982 girls, 138 teachers & others.

The discussion was mainly on the core values of Education. The speakers briefly discussed on the two key elements “Self-respect” & “Characteristic persistence” for building an ideal life.

Valuable books on the thoughts of Sri Ramakrishna, Sarada Devi & Swami Vivekananda and many other books on the life and teachings of the great men were given to the school authorities for their libraries.

Books on moral values and Swamiji’s Chicago lectures were also given to all participating students.

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