Balaram Mandir: Amphan Cyclone Relief Services

Ramakrishna Math Balaram Mandir started Amphan cyclone relief services to aid families affected by the Cyclone Amphan which unleashed havoc on 20 May 2020.

14 June 2020: The centre distributed 800kg rice, 810 kg Ata,210 kg dal,200 kg Soyabin,200 litre mustard oil,400 kg salt,400 piece bathing soap,400 packet Biscuits among 400 families in Sitaliya Village, Sandeskhaly, Dist-N-24(pgs),in Sundarban area.

07 Jun 2020: The centre distributed 200kg rice, 210 kg Ata,50 kg dal,50 kg Soyabin,50 kg Sunlight detergent powder, 50 litre mustard oil,100 kg salt among 100 families in Rambagan, Vivekananda Pally.

The centre distributed cooked food to around 3000 families in Bagbazar slum areas on 27, 28 and 30 May 2020.

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