Block Level Youth Conventions, Ranchi, Jan 2018

Swami Vivekananda always emphasized the potential in the youth and how this potentiality can be channelized for the welfare of the society. He had addressed this issue directly in many of his speeches.

It was deeply felt that the youth of the country must be made aware of their inherent power and this power should be channelized to build the nation. It is the need of the hour that to make them understand their role in the development of the nation and to bring a positive change in their thought process, the only way to make our country free of unemployment free.

So, the objectives of the programme were to create awareness among the youth about their role in development of Nation, to imbibe patriotism, love for humanity, to imbibe the spirit of love, devotion, knowledge and realization of God through one’s own religion.

Keeping the above objectives in mind, 3 Block level youth conventions were conducted for Sonahatu, Tamar and Burmu Blocks under Ranchi.

The theme of the youth conventions was “NAYA BHARAT GARO”. All the youth conventions were of 1 day duration. In each convention stress was given on the life and teaching of Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda and his call to the nation which are pertinent to youths. Group discussion on various topics on Rural development, problem of unemployment and its solution, health & hygiene, cultural and social development. In each and every convention special classes on yoga, meditation, physical education and quiz were carried out. The participants were also made to present cultural programme on National Integration.

In afternoon session a Dharma Sabha was organized in each of the Youth Convention.

In all 1240 nos. of participants participated in all the above3 youth conventions.


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