A Brief Report of Flood Relief in August 2017

(updated on 5 August, 2017)

In the wake of severe flood situation in parts of Gujarat and West Bengal affecting thousands of families, Ramakrishna Mission is conducting extensive primary relief work among the flood victims, as per details given below:


On 23 July we were informed by our Rajkot centre that some households living on the banks of the local Machhu river in Morbi district have been inundated owing to release of water from the Morbi Dam. The centre served cooked food to 17,600 flood-affected people of Maliya and Mitana villages in Morbi district. Limbdi centre served food packets, milk, biscuits and plastic-sheets to about 520 flood-affected people in their nearby areas.

A relief team, consisting of monastic members from our Vadodara and Rajkot centres, has reached the worst affected Banaskantha district in north Gujarat. Flash flood caused by incessant rainfall has wrecked untold suffering in the area. Our relief team has distributed 11,118 kg rice, 14,192 kg flour, 3279 kg dal, 2000 kg Bengal gram, 1000 kg salt, 1279 kg edible oil, 1000 kg sugar, 100 kg tea leaves, 400 kg assorted spices, 500 kg milk powder, 3559 packets of biscuits, 1059 packets of namkeen, 979 gents garments, 1494 ladies garments, 1118 children garments, 559 plates, 559 bowls, 559 tumblers, 12,000 candles, 1000 packets of matchboxes and 1000 tarpaulins in about 20 remote villages of Dhanera, Deesa, Vav and Tharad (near the Indo-Pak international border) talukas. Arrangements are being made to distribute 400 handcarts among the affected families. Further reports are awaited.

Relief by the Relief Team of Vadodara and Rajkot Ashramas


Heavy incessant rainfall and resulting breaching of dams has caused severe floods in extensive areas of Howrah, Hooghly, East Medinipur and West Medinipur districts. In view of severe inundation in Amta, Arambag, Chaipat, Daspur, Ghatal, Khanakul, Mansuka, Pursurah, Udaynarayanpur and other areas, our centres in Antpur, Belgharia, Gourhati, Ichhapur, Jayrambati, Kamarpukur, Medinipur, Saradapitha, along with two relief teams from the Headquarters, have made arrangements to distribute more than 100 tons of chira (rice flakes), 10 tons of sugar, 2500 tarpaulins, milk powder, biscuits, etc. among more than 50,000 flood-affected families.  Further reports are awaited.

Relief by the Relief Team of Antpur Ashrama


Relief by the Relief Team of Belgharia Ashrama


Relief by the Relief Team of Ichhapur Ashrama


Relief by the Relief Team of Kamarpukur Ashrama


Relief by the Relief Team of the Head Quarters, Belur Math 


Relief work will be further extended on the basis of the survey reports and current flood situations.

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