A Brief Report of Recent Relief Services : 01 February 2018



Tamil Nadu: On 29 November, the Cyclone Ockhi hit Kanyakumari and brought in its wake heavy rains and cyclonic winds resulting in large scale damage to life and property. In response to the calamity, Chennai Math conducted the primary relief service in three phases across the 48 hilly settlements spread in an area of 85 sq. kms. by serving 4200 plates of cooked food among 600 persons and distributing 2800 loaves of bread, 12,500 kg rice, 2500 kg dal (lentils), 2650 kg sugar, 1250 kg suji (semolina), 1250 kg salt, 625 litres of edible oil, 875 kg assorted spices, 530 kg tea leaves, 1250 packets of candles and 1250 matchboxes among 1400 affected families from 3 to 11 December. The centre is currently conducting rehabilitation work among the cyclone affected persons. Further reports are awaited.

In the cyclone affected border areas of Kunnathumala, Puravimala, Tenmala, Kanaamammooodu in Thiruvananthapuran district, Thiruvananthapuram centre distributed 2200 kg rice, 220 kg dal, 110 kg edible oil, 220 kg salt, 110 kg sugar, 22 kg tea leaves, 220 coconuts and 22 kg dry chilli among 220 families on 10 and 31 December.

West Bengal: Naora centre distributed 201 tarpaulins (plastic sheets) on 23 November and 21 December among the cyclone affected people.


A total of 56,442 blankets and 1,92,046 winter garments are being distributed by  108 of our centres, among poor people affected by winter, flood, fire etc. in different parts of the country.


Arunachal Pradesh: In the wake of a fire in a colony at Itanagar, Itanagar centre distributed 48 trunks, 48 mats and 48 sets of utensils among 48 affected families on 21 January.


To extend a helping hand to poor and needy people, 17 of our centres in different parts of the country have distributed 1659 saris, 170 dhotis, 10 chaddars, 7 lungis, 14,477 shirts,  19,599 trousers, 14,405 tops, 578 children’s garments, 254 ladies garments, 17 towels, 957 mosquito-nets, 3000 pairs of socks, 3000 caps, 4440 belts/wallets, 100 kg wheat flour, 250 kg dal, 100 kg dalia (broken wheat), 100 kg suji (semolina), 100 kg edible oil, 25 kg garlic, 12 kg baby food, 168 kg health drinks, 650 phials of hair oil, 238 solar lights, 113 notebooks,  113 pens and 113 geometry boxes among poor and needy people during the month of February.


West Bengal: Chandipur centre distributed 6 sewing machines on 3 January while Rahara centre distributed 3 sewing machines and a tricycle on 29 December and 14 January among poor and needy people.

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