Buttermilk Distribution to Wayfarers and Pilgrims: Salem

Ramakrishna Mission, Salem

Ramakrishna Mission, Salem, distributed buttermilk to wayfarers from 1 May 2022 to 31 May 2022 at the entrance of the Ashrama. Total 4,650 litres of buttermilk served to 8,496 wayfarers.

The Ashrama also distributed Buttermilk at Shervaraya Perumal Temple, Manjakuttai Village, Yercaud on 14 June 2022 during the occasion of ‘Vaikasi Ther Thiruvizha (Chariot Festival). Total 600 litres of buttermilk & drinking water was distributed to 2300 devotees. Shervaraya Perumal temple is situated in Yercaud hills and is 34 kms away from Salem. It is surrounded by 72 villages. A huge number of devotees visited on the day of the Chariot Festival.


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