Celebration of 150th Birth Anniversary of Sister Nivedita at Jalpaiguri


A grand procession was also organized in Jalpaiguri town, on the following day i.e. on 1 April,2017, to mark the 150th Birth Anniversary celebration of Sister Nivedita. Around 2000 students, youth from different educational institutions and general public of Jalpaiguri town, participated in the procession. Members of different social organizations  also joined the procession in huge numbers.

11 colourful tableaus including “ SHASHWATA BHARATA RATHA” and “ VIVEKA VAHINI” from Ramakirshna Math ( Yogodyan) Kolkata added grandeur to the event. The tableaus mostly depicted life and work of  Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita and the wonderful heritage of the country. Women participants of different social organizations blew Sankha and  carried decorative Kulos and Kalashas adding to its colour.The participation of decorated horse and Dhaks was quite remarkable. Besides, Paramilitary/Police Bands played their tunes, during and after the procession, making it more attractive. Tribal dances by local folk artists and Sattriya dance by folk troupes from Assam,were also performed on the procession route in the streets of Jalpaiguri town. Numerous people gathered on route to witness the grand event.Books, mementos, photos and Tiffin packets were distributed among students/ youth and other participants. Photos were also distributed among the general public who had gathered on route.

A Youth Convention was held later in the day at Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama premises, where 400 student/ youth delegates participated from different educational institutions of Jalpaiguri town and adjoining areas. Swami Nityamukhtananda and Swami Divyavratananda addressed the delegates propagating the lofty ideals of Swami Vivekananda and Sister Nivedita. The speakers appealed to the delegates to reframe their outlook in shaping modern India and rededicate themselves to the realization of the universal ideals of harmony, love and unselfishness. They were briefed to get a comprehensive vision on the Ramakrishna movement and inculcate in them a workable set of values to build up their character. Besides, devotional songs were performed by local artists during the convention.

In the concluding session, students/ youth performed their event on stage and were later given prizes by revered monks. It may be noted that the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Jalpaiguri had earlier conducted series of competitions among students of schools and colleges of Jalpaiguri town held at the Ashrama premises on 25 and  26 February, 2017 in c/w the 150th Birth Anniversary celebration of Sister Nivedita. 296 students/youth from 30 educational institutions of Jalpaiguri town and adjoining areas participated in events like Drawing, Recitation, Storytelling , Speech, Music, Quiz etc on the aforesaid days. All the attending delegates were given books, mementos , photos and lunch packets after the convention.

The evening session was dedicated to Sister Nivedita. Apart from speeches of Revered monks and dignitaries, there were folk cultural programme and film show on the life of Sister Nivedita. Numerous people thronged the Ashrama premises to see the event.

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