Ceremonial taking over of Kalyani Ashrama and ‘Swami Prabhananda Memorial Lecture’ : Kalyani, 01 October 2023

The ceremonial taking over function of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Seva Sangha, Kalyani as a recognised Branch Centre of Ramakrishna Mission Belur Math was held on 1 October 2023 afternoon on the Ashrama premises. Swami Suviranandaji Maharaj, General Secretary, Ramakrishna Math and Ramakrishna Mission graced the occasion. 

 A number of monks from neighbouring Centres and a large gathering of devotees welcomed Revered Maharaj at the Ashrama gate in the afternoon.

At first, the newly renovated ‘Vivekananda Auditorium’ was formally inaugurated by Revered General Secretary Maharaj. He and other distinguished monks offered Argya to the Holy Trio and made a formal entry into the auditorium.

The main program was begun by Vedic chanting and lightening of the Mangal Deepak on the dais by Revered Maharaj.

Swami Durganathananda, Secretary, Ramakrishna Mission, Kalyani, welcomed Revered Suviranandaji Maharaj, Swami Ambikeshanandaji Maharaj (Rahara Centre) and Shri Shantanu Bhattacharya, President of Sri Sri Ramakrishna Seva Sangha, Kalyani. The honourable guests accepted an offering of Uttariya and a framed photograph of marble image of Sri Ramakrishna Deva. 

Next the ceremonial handover was conducted. Shri Shantanu Bhattacharya, handed over the legal documents to Revered General Secretary Maharaj. Revered Maharaj expressed his gladness and best wishes for Kalyani Centre and spoke about the ever increasing spirit of Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Movement across the world.

Swami Durganathananda took to the podium and expressed his gratitude to Revered General Secretary Maharaj and other distinguished monks for their presence and conveyed thankful greetings to the devotees and well-wishers. In the following session Swami Prabhananda Memorial Scholarship was awarded to four girl students and one boy student from financially distressed background. 

On this occasion, Kalyani ashrama launched the official YouTube channel of Ramakrishna Mission Kalyani. Revered General Secretary Maharaj clicked the button to make youtube.com/@RKMKalyani-Official live. 

The final session was the first ‘Swami Prabhananda  Memorial Lecture’. Revered Suviranandaji Maharaj spoke on the subject of ‘Ramakrishna Bhav-Sahityer Paramparik Pravahe Swami Saradananda, Swami Gambhirananda and Swami Prabhananda’. The illuminating talk with its erudite depth had the audience in rapt attention. 

The program drew to a close with the closing song by Swami Durganathananda. After this, Revered Suviranandaji Maharaj interacted with the devotees.


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