COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services By Ramakrishna Math, Chennai

Updated 8 April 2020

Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, is continuing the relief services for the people affected due to lockdown for COVID-19 pandemic.

  • From 4 to 6 April 2020, the ashrama distributed groceries to 1553 tribal families who are residing in various villages in the hilly areas of Vellimalai, Kanyakumari Dt. The following items were given to each family :
    • Turmeric powder-50 gm, Sambar powder-100 gm, Rasam powder-100 gm, Rice-2 kg, Toor Dhal-1 kg, Salt-1 kg, Tamarind-¼ kg, Cumin seeds-50 gm, Mustard-100 gm, Cooking Oil-½ kg, Tea powder-100 gm, Sugar-1 kg, Milk powder-¼ kg.
  • The ashrama distributed face masks – 2000 Nos., hand gloves – 800 Nos.,  biscuit packets – 2000 Nos.  to Corporation Workers in Chennai and Thiruvallur , and to general patients who visit the ashrama dispensary.
  • The ashrama distributed groceries to 100 families living near Mariamman kovil area.
  • The ashrama is also providing daily cooked food for 400 migrant construction workers who were now in various Chennai corporation camps in Mylapore.
  • The ashrama distributed groceries and medicines to 120 leprosy people, who were suffering due to non-availability of basic needs.
  • Special puja, Homa and Arati to Bhagavan Sri Ramakrishna was also performed on 2 April 2020 with specific prayers to alleviate the sufferings of COVID-19 across the world. Srimat Swami Gautamanandaji gave benediction on this occasion.

Ramakrishna Math, Chennai, started relief services in Thanjavur and in Meyyur, for the families affected due to the lockdown for COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

  • In Thanjavur, the ashrama distributed food items to 170 migrated families, mostly from the northern parts of India. The food packets contain rice-5 kgs, toor dal-1 kg, sugar-1/2 kg, salt, chili powder and other cooking items.
  • Through the Rural Welfare centre at Meyyur, Chennai Math has been distributing cooked food to 300 people daily.
  • Chennai corporation, Mylapore range, had approached the Math to provide cooked food and medical facilities for 300 migrant construction workers who were now in various camps. Chennai Math started distributing cooked food to those workers, and will continue till the situation improves.


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