COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services By Ramakrishna Math, Haripad

Ramakrishna Math, Haripad, Kerala  is continuing the relief services to families affected in the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The centre has distributed 2635 kg rice, 684 kg dal, 527 kg salt, 252 kg sugar and 252 kg cooking oil among 527 families in Alappuzha district from 29 March to 11 April.

On 11 April 2020, the ashrama distributed ration kits to 95 porters and auto drivers in the Haripad KSRTC Bus Stand. Each ration kit contains rice 5kg, chana dal 1 kg, sugar 1 kg, salt 1 kg, edible oil 1 ltr.

Ramakrishna Math, Haripad, Kerala, started the COVID-19 pandemic relief at the Pilapuzha village of Alleppey district on 29 March 2020. 275 needy families received rice (5 kg), moong dal (1 kg) and salt.


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