COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services By Ramakrishna Math, Mumbai

In the wake of the lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramakrishna Mission, Mumbai in collaboration with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai has started to provide cooked food, twice a day, to the needy, in a few pockets, pointed out by the Corporation officer, in Khar and Bandra area of Mumbai suburbs.

The centre served 46,550 plates of cooked food along with water bottles from 28 March to 14 April. Bread, fruits and sweets were also distributed along with meals.

On 28 March around 300 people were served. The Ashrama gave Dal-Khichuri and a 250 ml water bottle before noon and 2 roti and curry with a 250 ml water bottle in the evening. They also planned to give biscuit packets, especially to the children.

The corporation has given a curfew pass to a few of our personnel to facilitate movement. They had also promised to provide the Ashrama with their vehicle for food distribution, as it has to be done at several designated clusters. Their volunteers, staff and police personnel are also helping the Ashrama to make the operation smooth and swift. The Ashrama Volunteers are also involved in this relief work.


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