COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services by Ramakrishna Math, Pala, Kerala

In the wake of lockdown owing to COVID-19 pandemic, Ramakrishna Math, Pala started relief services in Kottayam district.

On 9 April 2020, the ashrama distributed ration kits to 45 needy families  in Puliyannoor village of Pala.

On 8 April 2020, the ashrama distributed ration kits, each containing rice – 3 Kg, moong dal – 500 gm, onion – 2 Kg, potato – 2 Kg, Sunflower Oil – 500 gm, Ground Nut – 500 gm, Green Peas – 500 gm, to 35 migrant labourers from West Bengal, who are staying in Puliyannoor village of Pala.

The ashrama distributed ration kits to 2o local needy families.

The ashrama also  gave vegetables, groceries to the Community Kitchen, Pala, for preparing breakfast and lunch for 200 persons for three days.

The Ashrama distributed toiletry items like bathing soap, detergent powder, towel, coconut oil and also biscuit packets to 60 families in Ramapuram (Kottayam district) which is 20 km from Pala.

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