COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services by Ramakrishna Mission, Chandpur, Bangladesh

In continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic relief services Ramakrishna Mission, Chandpur, Bangladesh distributed 1500 kg rice, 300 kg dal, 300 kg salt, 150 litres edible oil, 900 kg potatoes, 600 pcs soap among 300 families in Sadar and Hajiganj upazillas of Chandpur district on 3, 4 May & 12 May 2020.

31 March to 12 May 2020: The centre distributed 2500 kg rice, 500 kg dal, 500 kg salt, 250 litre edible oil, 1500 kg potatoes, 1000 pcs soap among 500 families (around total 2500 number of people).

In the general leave (lockdown) declared by the Govt. of Bangladesh owing to the pandemic caused by the Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) there has been a severe disruption in normal day-to-day activities. Ramakrishna Mission, Chandpur, Bangladesh has initiated relief services in different parts of the district to meet the pressing need of the afflicted, specially the poor and needy. Till now the centre has distributed 1000 Kg rice, 200 kg lentil, 600 kg potato, 200 kg salt, 100 ltr edible oil and 400 pcs soap among 200 families of Chandpur Sadar Upazilla, Rahimanagar of Kachua Upazilla and Mehar and Khilabazar of Shahrasti Upazilla.


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