Ramakrishna Mission Guwahati: COVID-19 Pandemic Relief Services

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Ramakrishna Mission, Guwahati, is continuing the COVID-19 pandemic relief services.

The Guwahati ashrama has distributed Cooked Food (Khichuri),Dry Ration Kits and Sanitary & Hygiene Items among 1622 families from 29 March to 28 May 2020 in the district of Kamrup Metro and Kamrup Rural is given as follows.

Cooked Food (Khichuri) :- 1000 plates, Fruit Cake(45 g) :- 1223 pcs, Biscuit : 566 pcs, Milk- 105 Litres, Water Bottle (500 ml) :- 323 pcs.

Ration Kits :- Rice- 5037 Kg, Atta(Flour)- 391 Kg, Dal- 1487 Kg, Noodols– 49 Kg, Soybean – 50 Kg, Potato- 1896 Kg , Salt- 1487 Kg, Mustard Oil (in Litre)- 347 Litres , Refine Oil (in Litre)- 10 Litres .

 Sanitary & Hygiene Items :- Masks- 1622 pcs, Hand Sanitizer-501 pcs, Bath Soap- 222 pcs, Surf- 75 Kg .

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In the wake of the lockdown owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, Ramakrishna Mission, Guwahati has started relief activities among poor and needy people of Guwahati and its adjacent areas. The Ashrama has till now distributed ration items ( Rice-172.5 Kg, Dal-35 Kg, Potato-69 Kg, and Salt-44 Kg), Hand Sanitizer- 44 pcs and Mask-100 pcs among 44 families.

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