COVID-19 Relief Services: Fiji, September 2021

Ramakrishna Mission, Fiji supplied Hospital beds with mattresses, ECG machine, Vitals Monitor and KN95 Facemasks to the Tauva Sub-divisional Hospital and Nagado district health centre in the Western division.

The centre distributed Grocery kits among the 166  families in and around Nadi, Fiji.

Locations covered under Western Division: – Tauva, Lautoka, Malolo settlement, Nacovi settlement, Vuniyasi settlement, Solovi settlement, Alla Datta settlement, Qeleloa settlement, Nalovo settlement, Sigatoka, Lavusa settlement, Togo settlement, Dratabu, Logi settlement, Korovuto settlement and Malamala hillside settlement.

 Distribution of items listed below. 

S.No  Name  Quantity 
KN 95 Facemasks  16200
Hospital beds with mattresses  8
ECG machines  1
Vitals Monitor  1
Examination Beds  2
Drip stands  8
Linens  18
Pillow covers  18
9*  Groceries Packs  166
10*  Seeds packets  366
11  Dual crutches  3
12  100 ml Instant Hand sanitizer  668
13  First Aid Cabinets  4
14  Kinder Garden chairs  25
15  Sanitary Pads  18
16  Kids pants and shirts  15
17  Baby Quilts  25
18  Socks  166

 Contents of each grocery pack and seeds. 

Groceries Packs Seeds Packs 1.Rice 10kg 1.Bitter gourd – 0.05gm 2.Flour 5kg 2.Sponge gourd – 0.05gm 3.Split peas 2kg 3.Cabbage – 0.05gm 4.Cooking Oil 750ml 4.French beans – 0.05gm 5.Tea leaves 100gm 5.Eggpalnt -0.05gm 6. Salt 1kg 6. Tomatoes – 0.05gm 7. Milk Powder 450gm

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