Devotees’ Conference, Jalpaiguri, August 2017

Our Jalpaiguri ashrama organized a Devotees’ Conference in the Ashrama precinct on Sunday 27 August, 2017. It was a whole day programme from 8.00 am. to 5.30 pm. There were 493 devotees from Jalpaiguri, Siliguri and adjoining areas who attended the conference.  Swami Devarajananda, Swami Atmavidananda, Swami Amalatmananda, Swami Muktidananda, Swami Nityasatyananda spoke on various aspects of the life of Sri Sri Thakur, Sri Sri Ma and Swamiji, and thus enriched the programme. The devotees enjoyed very much throughout the day and the programme ended with complementary gifts given to all of them.


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