Devotees’ Convention: Contai, July 2023

Ramakrishna Math and Mission Sevashrama, Contai organized a Devotees’ Conference (Bhakta Sammelan) on 03 July 2023, the auspicious occasion of Gurupurnima, with chanting, meditation, flower offerings to the Holy Trio, reading from scriptures, lectures, question & answer and chorus bhajan etc. Swami Mayadhishananda spoke about the need for a Devotees’ Conference in his welcome speech. Two eminent speakers, Swami Devarajananda ji and Swami Achyutatmananda ji from Belur Math talked about the significance of Guru and Gurupurnima and why Holy Mother’s life is ideal for lay devotees. 382 devotees participated in this conference. They read the life and teachings of Sri Sri Thakur Maa and Swamiji & sang bhajans.

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