Devotees’ Convention: Kalyani, July 2023

Ramakrishna Mission, Kalyani, organized a devotees’ convention on 3 July 2023. The convention started at 7 am in the Prayer Hall. A Puja was performed and offerings were made to the Holy Trio. It was followed by a session of Japam and Dhyanam with the participating devotees. The next session commenced in the auditorium.

At 9.30 am, the Vedic Chanting and Sri Guru Stotram were performed. Swami Animeshananda rendered Bhajans from 10 am. The one-hour Bhanjan session set the ambience of devotional fervour for the participants.

Swami Vivekatmananda rendered a talk on ‘Sri Sri Thakur–Ma-Swamijir Chintaye Guru Tattva’. This was followed by a talk on ‘Sadhan Jibane Gurur Prabhav’ by Swami Animeshananda.

At 12 noon Sri Surajit Nandi performed devotional songs.

At 3 pm, the Dharma Sabha commenced. It was presided over by Swami Shastrajnanananda. The involvement of participating devotees in the Sabha was remarkable and the devotees’ convention reached its pinnacle with the ensuing Question and Answer session. The Dharma Sabha concluded at 5 pm. Sri Somnath Chakrabarty played the violin in the Prayer Hall.

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