Devotees Convention at Mekhliganj, 2017

Our Mekhliganj ashrama organized a small Devotees’ Convention on 10 September 2017 in the ashrama premises. 120 devotees of Mekhliganj town participated in the Convention, which started at 10am with the chanting of Vedic Shanti Mantras. The devotees also chanted stotras and and sang bhajans along with the monks. Swami Vijneyananda read and discuss from the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna. Swami Trinayanananda sang devotional songs. After prasad at noon, Swami Purnabrahmananda Maharaj delivered speech on the role of the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda devotees in the society. The convention ended with bhajans. Devotees were very happy to participate in the convention, and wanted to have this kind of Conventions more often.


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