Dispensary and Coaching Centre : Foundation Stone Laying, Nabadwip

Ramakrishna Mission, Nabadwip

On 13 November 2021, Foundation Stone has been laid for the construction of Charitable Dispensary and Free Coaching Centre, at Ramakrishna Mission, Nabadwip. The new building will be constructed on the ashrama’s campus at Prachin Mayapur 1st Lane, under Ward No. 6, Nabadwip Municipality. Flowers were offered to Sri Sri Mahaprabhu and to Sri Sri Thakur, Sri Sri Maa and Swamiji by Swami Amareshwarananda, Secretary of Nabadwip Ramakrishna Mission, Sri Pundarikaksha Saha, MLA of Nabadwip, and by other distinguished persons. A two storey building will be constructed to run Free Coaching Centre from Class III to VI, Computer Training Center, Job Oriented Coaching Centre, Library and a Charitable Dispensary. The work of ground floor is expected to be completed by May, 2022.

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