Distress Relief : Bagda

Winter Relief by Ramakrishna Math Bagda from 27 Oct to 24 Dec'19 and, Saris and dhotis were distributed from 15 Dec to 24 Dec'19 to the people in need.

Ramakrishna Math, Bagda distributed 500 Blankets for poor and needy people. The distribution of Blankets in 8 Villages of Purulia District started on 27 October 2019 and continued till 24 December 2019. This covers the distribution of more than 125 Blankets among blind and differently-abled people in two camps. The rest 375 Blankets were distributed among the poor and needy people of other villages.

A total of 150 saris and 14 dhotis were distributed from 15 Dec to 24 Dec 2019. This includes distribution of 64 saris and 10 dhotis among 74 needy students. Thus a total of 164 people of distressed families from 4 villages of Purulia District were benefited.

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